Irreconcilable differences have been quoted as the reason for the divorce petition being filed by Gary Oldman’s wife of six years. This is the fourth divorce for the star of the spectacular movie Dark Knight Rises.

Divorce after a yearlong separation

According to documents obtained by the Los Angeles Times, Alexandra Edenborough, a 36 year old jazz and electronica singer filed the petition in Los Angeles County Superior Court. The couple got married on New Year’s Eve in 2008, but have been separated for more than a year, according to Oldman’s spokesman Douglas Urbanski.

Age difference created the gap?

In a statement, the 56 year old Planet of the Apes (he was in the sequel which was not that good compared to the other 2014 blockbusters) star said that he and his wife shared great love while they were married and had precious moments together. However, the difference in their age caused a conflict of lifestyle interests that led the couple further adrift. He reiterated that they would remain friends. Oldman has not filed a response for the petition yet, according to Urbanski.

Gary was previously married to English actress Leslie Manville, Kill Bill star Uma Thurman, and to Donya Fiorentino. The property assets are yet to be ascertained and the petition would be amended accordingly, as stated in the divorce document filed by Edenborough.

Divorce does not mean broken home for kids

In the new issue of Fashion magazine, Anna Kendrick said that couples looking to divorce, should not feel guilty when it comes to their kids and that staying together for the sake of kids is not a healthy relationship.

In an interview to Elle, the fashion magazine Kendrick said that she did not believe that a divorce would lead to a “broken home”. She hated that fact that many people think kids are broken when their parents get divorced. It certainly does not help though according to many divorce insiders and married couples.

Barbara Greenberg, PhD, a clinical psychologist in Connecticut agrees with Kendrick and believes the term “broken home” to be behind the times.  The brokenness is not measured by whether the parents are together, but rather by how healthy the relationship is at home, according to Greenberg.

Divorce can sometimes create a happy environment, according to divorce attorneys. The 8 year old son of Heather Logrippo now smiles more and has improved behavior since her divorce, according to Heather. She says that while they were together, the child picked up the tension and unhappiness at home and now is in a much better place.

Jeanette Raymond, PhD, a licensed psychologist in Los Angeles believes that kids would do well after divorce if they are assured of the fact that it was not their fault. Parents must make sure not to use them as pawns in the process. Raymond is of the opinion that kids should not be forced to take sides, nor pretend that the other spouse does not exist when he is with one parent, according to Raymond.

Divorce attorneys state that studies have shown mixed results on whether children of divorce face relationship issues later. There is one thing that could prevent divorces according to logic and many people, is for couples to attend a Christian or any type of pre-marriage counseling so they can roughen out or discover their differences before they are married. Gary Oldman obviously is not getting the whole marriage concept.