New York, NY- Have you ever wanted to see divorce negotiations in progress? Well you will soon get your chance now that Fox has picked up a reality show called “Divorce Hotel.”

At a recent industry expo in France, the network was floated the idea by A. Smith and Co., the same production company that brought Gordan Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen to America.

On the show, a couple will check into a luxury hotel for a weekend, hoping to settle their estate aided by a divorce attorney. The intense negotiations will be filmed for your viewing pleasure and is sure to offer plenty of drama. And by Sunday night the couple will check out of the hotel newly single.

“A dedicated team of attorneys, counselors, and mediators condense the normally lengthy and expensive divorce process into a whirlwind weekend packed full of emotional ups and downs,” according to an official description of the show.

Arthur Smith of A. Smith and Co. said “This is a new type of reality show, which unlike all those old-school ‘Big Brother’- style shows doesn’t’ involve a game or any kind of elimination contest.”

The premise of the show arose out of a real-life business developed by a Dutch entrepreneur, Jim Halfens who expressed his desire to turn his Divorce Hotel it into a reality show.

The hour-long pilot will include two childless couples, but the producers haven’t decided which city it will take place in at this time.

Will people watch? Most likely yes; especially, giving the popularity of reality shows among the American TV audience.

While this may an ideal situation for some couples, this may not be the appropriate setting for couples with children to hash out their final divorce settlement, they instead would benefit from negotiations carefully presided over by a divorce lawyer.