Las Vegas, NV-Marriage can be tough, it takes love, patience, sacrifice and compromise to make a marriage last. The bonds that ties two people together in the first stages of a relationship are still there, but eventually problems and conflicts creep in and a couple can forget why they were attracted to each other in the first place.

Here are some signs that you and your spouse might be ringing up a divorce attorney in the near future. These signs don’t mean a marriage is doomed to fail, but when a couple recognizes them, it’s time for them to work on their issues and try to repair their relationship.

Frequent Fights and Arguments

Even a madly in-love couples fights, conflict is a natural part of any inter-personal relationship, be it a friendship or a marriage. Communication is key in any relationship. A couple that lacks the skills effectively communicate and resolve their conflicts may be setting their marriage up for disaster. Fights about the same subject over and over again with no resolution to the problem only causes the issue to get bigger. Going round and round about a conflict can lead to hopelessness. A spouse may resign themselves to the fact that things are never going to get better and they may just decide to give up on their marriage altogether.

Focusing on Distractions Instead of Your Spouse

When a couple is in love they can hardly stand being away from each other; they want to spend every waking moment with their beloved. In a marriage, when one or both spouses intentionally spends less time with their spouse and more time at the office or online it could be a sign that a marriage is on a collision course with failure. There’s nothing wrong with a spouse needing some time to themselves, but purposely avoiding their husband or wife leaves no time for intimacy or to connect with one another.

Lack of Intimacy

Intimacy is an important facet of any romantic relationship without sex or a lack of satisfying intimate encounters, a relationship is headed towards failure. This may not be true for all marriages, but for many people intimacy is important. When issues with intimacy arise, a couple should feel comfortable enough to talk about the problem or seek see a counselor. If one spouse is not getting the intimacy they need a desire they could begin to look outside the marriage to fulfill their desires.

Changes in the Way a Spouse Deals With Money

Money, like intimacy, is an integral part of a marriage. Fights over money can destroy a marriage quickly but hiding money may mean the marriage is already doomed. When one spouse begins to shift around their money or opens new accounts, they could be gearing up for a split.

Noticing some of these signs in your marriage doesn’t necessarily mean the end is near, but if you don’t take heed of these signs and work on fixing your marital problems then you might just find yourself in need of an accomplished divorce attorney.