Chicago, IL- Sadly, about 40 percent of marriages in Illinois are going to end in divorce. The weeks and months before you file for divorce and before you sign off on the final divorce documents. The decision to get a divorce is a difficult one to make and the ensuing process can be confusing, so mistakes will happen. Here our team of divorce lawyers serving clients in Chicago will discuss four of the more common mistakes women make when they divorce.

The first mistake women make  when they divorce is failing to hire a divorce attorney. Not every couple needs legal help dissolving their marriage. This is true of couples that don’t have to worry about child custody arrangements, child support or don’t have many assets to divide. But many divorce cases are not as simple, and it takes a lot of work to unravel the complexity of marital finances. A divorce lawyer will work hard to protect your interests.

Another mistake women make allowing their emotions to dictate how their divorce proceeds. It’s normal to feel depressed, sad, rejected and angry, but approaching your ex in a highly emotional state will only add to the tension and acrimony of your divorce. Anger, impatience, and constant fighting are not helpful in any situation, but amid divorce it, those emotions can be counterproductive and can end up being costly. Just keep the emotions out of the legal process and your case will be more successful.

Failing to understand their household finances. This is a mistake many women make, especially if their husbands were the primary breadwinners and controlled the household finances. When one spouse is the only one handling the money, so it’s easy for them to accumulate tons of debt or hide money to keep their spouse from getting it.

And finally, some women agree to divorce settlements too soon. Maybe your estranged spouse is harassing you, or you are just worn out emotionally. Whatever the reason you want your divorce just to be over but settling too soon can result in you getting a much smaller settlement than you deserve. You don’t have to drag out your divorce but don’t rush to take the first settlement you are offered.

You just want your divorce to be finalized, so you agree to the first settlement your spouse offers. This is a mistake since that settlement offer will likely be significantly less than you deserve. Getting a divorce attorney from the start will keep you from less than stellar settlement.

Let USAttorneys connect you with a divorce lawyer today and get the advice you need. They will tell you where to begin and keep you from making any rash decisions or taking any actions that will be bad for your case. A lawyer is there to protect you and your interests and make certain you aren’t taken advantage.