Local news for southwest Florida and the area Naples covered a trial of a man who attempted to argue that going through his parents’ divorce at a young age was so traumatic that it resulted in dysfunctional behavior later in life.

Fort Myers area case results in the death penalty for a husband who murdered his wife

The Lee County jury that was assigned to the case recommended the death penalty for the suspect from Bonita Springs, Florida who had murdered his wife in 2015. The sentencing hearing came about a week after the 51 year old male had been convicted of killing his 46 year old wife. 

The victim’s sister made a statement about the suspect never being free to hurt another person again. The suspect’s family did not seem to have much of a reaction or want to talk to the media. 

The death penalty was recommended based on two aggravating factors. Namely, that the couple had financial issues and the suspect attempted to gain money through her death, as well as the fact that he had premeditated and carefully planned the murder. 

The defense team argued that the divorce of his own parents at a young age was partially responsible for his behavior and mental health issues. They presented evidence that it had caused him various forms of emotional and mental trauma, and that he attempted to be a good father to his daughters despite these problems. He also was a frequent volunteer who had engaged in various forms of charity work throughout his life.

Despite the fact that the defendant had a fairly clean record, the jury was still convinced that he should receive the death penalty based on the plan to murder his wife. Two co-defendants who were involved in a murder for hire plot with the husband were also sentenced. 

Divorces and mental health issues

As a general rule, a divorce or related legal problems absolutely does not excuse criminal behavior, domestic violence, or other problems caused by family turbulence. In most cases, it is best to follow your family attorney’s legal advice and avoid situations that could result in more trouble. A doctor who specializes in psychiatry or a related field may be necessary if a divorce is causing serious mental health problems. A protective order can be issued by a judge to keep spouses or other family members apart if there is a real threat of domestic violence. 

Because divorces are stressful and possibly traumatic, it is important to get legal help and resolve the issue as soon as possible. Ending the marriage is a better solution, rather than staying in an abusive relationship.  

Get assistance from a local family law lawyer

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