Divorces and related filings will cluster around a span of a few months on the calendar, which has been called divorce season. Regardless of the particular holiday, these days tend to cause couples to face much larger, deeply rooted issues. 

Local news for Fort Myers reported on this phenomenon where divorces tend to coincide with holidays every year.

Giving the gift of divorce paperwork

While many couples choose to exchange expensive gifts or go through elaborate rituals on various holidays, research has shown that serving the other spouse with divorce papers is common as well at these times. Valentine’s Day seems to be the most common holiday, as it brings relationships along with their good or bad qualities to the forefront of people’s minds. 

Professionals who work with couples and in family law courts have even started to call the time from the end of the year holidays through the beginning of the next year “divorce season,” with Valentine’s Day falling close to the middle of this period each year. One attorney mentioned that he has worked with individuals who purposely choose to have their spouse receive divorce papers or schedule a court appearance on Valentine’s Day when possible. 

Most divorce experts agree that financial pressure is one of the most common reasons why this happens every year. Divorce is generally caused by money problems in most marriages across the board in the United States. This can include things like not earning enough money for a couple to support their lifestyle, as well as arguments over how money should be spent, and even having too much money causes problems for some high net worth couples. 

Holidays also tend to be stressful times, which can tax people emotionally and put more pressure on the abstract qualities of a relationship. Several clients tend to tell their attorneys that they do not want to ruin Christmas and New Year’s Day for their children, so they file shortly after. Others see Valentine’s Day as their last chance to save a failing relationship, then decide how they want to progress afterward. However, if Valentine’s Day is used as a desperate move to save a failed relationship, one day of reconciliation will generally not fix long term issues. 

Professionals interviewed all agreed that if someone gets divorced over one bad day or expectations on a single holiday, their relationship is in trouble and they should probably separate anyway. 

Get advice from a Fort Myers divorce attorney

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