Miami, FL- They tied the knot just seven months ago, but it looks like it quits for former NFL pro Keyshawn Johnson and Jennifer Conrad.

TMZ reports that Conrad filed for divorce this week citing irreconcilable differences. Conrad asked she be given primary custody of the couple’s two children aged 5 years and 2 years and said in her divorce filing that the couple has a prenuptial agreement.

Johnson and Conrad tied the knot in August in a lavish ceremony on beach in

Conrad said in her filing that she a Johnson separated in February. Sources close to Johnson told TMZ there is a chance the two will reconcile.

Johnson is a former wide receiver who has played for the New York Jets, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and

About three months ago Johnson was accused of having an affair by his alleged lover’s husband. Brian Holloway filed for an annulment from his model wife Alicia Tarry. Holloway made claims that his wife was having an affair when he found explicit messages from Johnson on her Twitter account, including a request for a picture of her genitalia, the Daily Mail reported.

Both Tarry and Johnson denied the allegations.

There is no way to corroborate whether infidelity drove Johnson and Conrad apart, but it does play a role in many divorces. In a 2011, researchers from Indiana University surveyed 900 couples and found that 23 percent of men and 19 percent of women admitted to cheating on their spouse.

When it comes to cheating some couples are able to move beyond an affair, but close to half of couples are not. With a lack of trust, a couple torn apart by infidelity needs to consult with a divorce law firm for guidance and to protect their interests.

Spouses, who have been cheated on, often wonder how their spouse’s affair will impact their divorce settlement. Some have this mistaken notions that a court will look unfavorably on the spouse who cheated, but that isn’t the case. Cheating will have little effect on how a court divides a couple’s assets and who will be awarded primary custody. The only time an affair will have an impact on child custody is if it adversely affects a child or places them in a dangerous situation.

An affair makes the real difference in pre-trial negotiations. The spouse who was cheated on may be able to use the affair as leverage and convince their estranged spouse to concede to a favorable settlement. The cheating spouse may feel guilty for hurting their spouse and feel like they need to atone for their actions. That guilt may also be utilized to get a favorable child custody arrangement.

Regardless of why a couple decides to divorce, an estrange spouse should contact a divorce law firm to help them with their case. An attorney can guide a couple through all stages of the process and help you make the hard decisions. Their goal is to ensure you and your estranged spouse come to an agreeable divorce settlement.