After Matt Lauer was let go back in November from NBC as a news anchor, his fellow co-workers were shocked and even seemed a bit sad to see him go. Lauer had been accused of sexual harassment recently, however, the behavior stems back to when he was covering the Rio Olympic Games in 2016. Because he violated the company’s standards, they were left with no choice but to relieve him from his position. While this was “the first complaint about his behavior in the twenty years he’s been at NBC News,” apparently, his record isn’t as clean as people might think.

According to News Week, Lauer and his wife of now almost 20-years were preparing to divorce from one another back in 2006. Annette Roque, Lauer’s wife, accused her husband of “cruel and inhumane” acts and filed the paperwork to initiate the divorce process. Court documents revealed that he left the family’s home “in a fit of rage” and that he “endangered her mental and physical well-being along with repeated criticism of her parenting skills.”

But, three weeks after the divorce papers were filed, they were withdrawn. Apparently, the high-profile news anchor was pressured by NBC to maintain his image as a “family man” as they needed him to “appeal to the Today’s show’s female-dominated audience.” So, naturally, the couple stayed married. Whether the unhealthy conditions lasted over the course of the last few years, that is unknown. However, now that Lauer has been fired from NBC and no longer has this image to uphold, he and his wife recently announced they are getting a divorce.


Lauer has already been spotted in New York recently without his wedding band on.


The couple, who has three children together, Jack,16, Romy,14, and Thijs,11, have begun to “quietly navigate the end of their marriage,” according to US Weekly. Lauer has stated that he is considering his return to the entertainment industry by starting out on the small screen and believes he has a chance of getting back on TV at some point in the future. For now, he may want to consider working on clearing his name from the sexual harassment allegations and work on settling his divorce so that it doesn’t have a dramatic effect on his children.


Divorces and the Effects it has on Children


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Deciding on child custody isn’t the only obstacle a couple faces in their divorce.


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