Divorce rumors aren’t just rumors anymore as former Disney diva and highly attractive Hilary Duff and husband Mike Combie are now officially divorced. While a reunion was on the cards a year ago, the former NHL player’s latest antics allegedly made Hilary change her mind.

Combie is said to have to solicited sex with a stranger after getting drunk at a bar and had to be escorted off the premises after picking up a fight with the lady’s date. According to reports, Hilary, who is shooting for her new show Younger, has moved to New York City with her son.

Irreconcilable differences the ground for divorce

Duff is said to have hired a divorce attorney and allegedly made claims for primary custody of their three year old son with Combie having visitation rights. Irreconcilable differences is said to be the main reason for the divorce. Rumors about the divorce trickled in a day after Combie’s drunken escapade at Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills.

In January last year the Daily News reported that the couple had split but continued to remain best friends and were dedicated to parenting their son. Duff and Combie is said to have split in late 2012 but hadn’t bothered to file for divorce. The latest issue of In Touch mentions that Combie claims it was a friend with him at the bar. Duff recently told OK! Magazine that she was keen to find a slice of paradise among the well-heeled hipsters in Brooklyn even though she wasn’t familiar with the city.

Hilary, the taxes are high there meaning you will lose a lot more of your money and the mayor does not like the police. This may not be a slide of paradise.

Singer songwriter Menzel and film and TV star Diggs part after 10 years of marriage

Another celebrity couple to call it quits is Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel. The couple reportedly has reportedly split after 10 years while many believe it to be the most unlikely Hollywood break-ups. According to divorce attorneys, the couple agreed to an amicable divorce while TMZ reports that neither parties have pushed for spousal or child support. Diggs and Menzel will share the custody and costs in raising their 5 year old daughter.

The actress and singer-songwriter has been living separately since 2013. She told People magazine that the two have been through tough times like any other couple and make the effort to communicate frequently. Menzel told US weekly that she doesn’t have the time to date though she’s open to it. On the other hand, model Amanza Smith Brown and Diggs are said to be dating.

New York divorce rates decline

While many celebs are in a splitsville mood, New York divorce attorneys say that the divorce rate in New York State has fallen over the past 15 years. The trend has been noticed in 56 of its 62 counties, which is an indication that there hasn’t been any underreporting in county courthouses. Overall, the divorce rate in the country has dropped in the last thirty years.

Divorce rates were at a peak in the 70s and 80s and have now fallen to 43%. Perhaps more people are seeing a priest or taking a pre-marriage class before they are married which can only help this number drop even further.