Well-known food network star, Giada De Laurentiis, has handed over a staggeringly huge sum of money to ex-husband Todd Thompson as part of their divorce settlement after 12 years of marriage.

According to TMZ.com, “In keeping with the orders, Gida has to shell out $9k a month for child support, their 3.2 million joint home in the Pacific Palisades and $300,000 in artifacts and furniture pieces.” In addition to this, Todd keeps his elite membership of the swanky, Pacific located Bel-Air Bay Club and his Porsche. His current Las Vegas divorce lawyer probably wishes his client signed a pre-nup years ago.

Big money for doing nothing

It doesn’t end here. In the absence of a prenuptial agreement that characterizes most celebrity marriages, Thompson also gets to keep 50% of Giada’s cook book advances including $2.5 for “At Home/Weeknights with Giada”, $2.3 million for “Giada Feel Good Food” and $757,000 for “Everyday Pasta/Giada’s Kitchen”, according to latest reports in the Las Vegas Review Journal.

All’s not grim for Giasa though. She was granted the rights to an untitled Italian cookbook, along with her production firm, Linguine Pictures and GDL Foods Inc, according to the same report.

A law designed to help woman blows up in their face

A fashion designer by profession, Thompson’s wealth is estimated at $15 million. According to records, Giada has an estimated worth of $20 million. The couple has been granted the joint custody of their 7-year-old daughter, Jade.

Las Vegas divorce attorneys are soon expecting an unprecedented rise in divorce cases in the state following the Ashley Madison website data leak. Hackers let out another 20 gigabytes of the Ashley Madison website data leak files in August.

The website is a platform for married people to pursue discreet affairs. Owing to Nevada’s relaxed six-week jurisdictional period, divorce attorneys here expect to offer their services to a lot of couples in the coming days. If you are looking for the best divorce lawyers in the country, some of them are found on this magnetic legal website USAttorneys.com.

Las Vegas divorce legal framework

Las Vegas was earlier notorious for being the breeding ground for “no fault” divorce legislations. Nevada, until now, attracts several short-term residents owing to its six week’s residency rule before filing for a divorce.

Divorce laws in Nevada do not put the onus of proving the fault of one or both the partners if they decide to file for a divorce. The grounds for divorce in the state of Nevada mentioned in the NRS 125.010 include incompatibility, insanity, and separation for a minimum of one year. Allegations such as inanity have to be sufficiently corroborated with authentication from a medical practitioner.

If a couple doesn’t jointly agree on all the pertinent issues such as child custody and finances, either of them is free to file a Complaint for Divorce at Clark County Court. After the case is filed in court, the County Court will assign a judge and a number to the case and the Las Vegas divorce lawyers will have time to prepare for the court date.

A copy of the complaint is also served to the other party. After being served with the complaint, the spouse is awarded a 15-day period for filing a reply with the court clerk. Couples with minor children are required to attend the parenting plan sessions at the Court Family Mediation Center.