Fort Lauderdale, FL- In the realm of divorce there is hardly any good news, it’s a rare commodity, but there is some good news for married Floridians. A new recent survey from the Department of Health shows that the fewer couples in Florida divorced than previous years.

According to the Department of Health, in 2014, there were 54 divorces for every 100 marriages in Florida. WCTV reports that last year was the first time since the 30s that the states divorce rate has reached that low.

That is promising news, but it doesn’t change the fact that Florida’s divorce rate is still slightly higher than the national average.

As Florida’s divorce rate declined, the number of couples tying the knot increased moderately, breaking a long-running trend. According the WCTV, the rate of marriages in the Sunshine State ticked up by three-tenths of percent. That may not seem like, but it has changed a long-running trend of declining marriage rates.

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