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The truth is, knowing which forms to file for a divorce isn’t common knowledge and can be quite overwhelming for those who are still coping with the split.

As convenient as it would be to print out a form and submit it to the court in order to file for divorce in Orlando, FL, the process isn’t quite that simple. In fact, filing for divorce can be a rather complex process if you don’t know what documents are applicable to your situation or where they should be filed. That is why anyone who is looking to file for divorce in Orange County, FL should retain a divorce attorney who will be available to help them through any obstacle they encounter.


Going through a divorce can be extremely difficult so why do it alone?


Going through a divorce is an emotional experience that can have both a physical and psychological impact on a person seeing that they probably devoted years of their life to their spouse, have children together, and/or made sacrifices they wouldn’t normally make for anyone else. There is no doubt that a divorce can interfere with your cognitive functioning and ability to carry out your day-to-day tasks so trying to figure out what forms need to be filled out and filed may only make getting through this rough period more stressful and overwhelming.


You will only receive limited assistance from the Clerk of Court in Orange County, FL.


The Clerk of Court Family Division of Orange County is where you will be required to file for your divorce or where your spouse filed given he or she initiated the process and is where they currently reside. Although you can contact this department if you have any questions, you’ll find that the information you are provided is extremely vague and general. The Clerk of Court cannot advise as to which forms you should fill out which only puts you at risk of filling out the wrong forms or failing to fill out the forms that are, in fact, applicable to your situation.


The last thing anyone who is going through such a stressful phase in their life wants to deal with is spending their time on divorce forms they may or may not need to submit.


A divorce lawyer will be that support you need to help you get through the process and on with your life.

divorce attorney in Orlando

Divorce lawyers can make getting through the process easier and less burdensome.

Regardless of whether you are filing for a simplified divorce or a regular divorce, you are bound to run into an issue where it would truly benefit to have an Orlando, FL divorce lawyer there helping you get through it. From helping you to fill out and file the appropriate forms to standing beside you in court fighting for a favorable outcome, the Orlando, FL divorce attorneys at The Aikin Family Law Group are ready and prepared to help you. If you would like to learn more about the lawyers at this firm and why you should consider hiring them to help you get through your divorce, contact them now at 407-644-4636.


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