The process of going through a divorce is stressful enough, and sometimes a contested divorce can add up to a lot of lost money and constant pressure until the process is finalized. The numbers associated with this process can become a huge burden for a family with an average  income in the Orlando area.  

Florida and national averages

While filing fees and other associated costs will only run between a few hundred and a couple of thousand dollars, the average contested divorce in Florida now costs somewhere between $2,500 and $15,000. The national average cost is also increasing, with most divorces coming closer to the $15,000 range. Families with unique situations based on healthcare, child care, or taxation issues may take the biggest hit while these issues get sorted out. Keep in mind that issues such as child custody and alimony need to be solved before the divorce can become final.

Why is it so expensive?

There are few factors that tend to make these amounts go up. The long duration of the process can mean that lawyers need to be paid for more time, court fees can increase as more documents need to be filed, and other parties will generally need to get involved and help work out the details while a couple is still arguing over the terms of their separation. Mediators and other legal professionals can sometimes charge high hourly rates for their services. This is why it is always beneficial to end the process as efficiently as possible. Couples who have little disagreement over property, do not have children, and generally agree on most of the terms of their divorce will have low costs aside from filing fees and some basic legal services.

Ways of saving time and money

Because of the potential to lose a lot of money to your spouse and the legal fees associated with lengthy negotiations or court battles, it is important to rely on only the best divorce lawyers to provide expert advice throughout the process and a quick resolution. Judges also have more discretion in family law than in most other legal matters, so it can be dangerous to allow a divorce case to go to trial and let the judge use their judgment about what they think is a fair property distribution.

A process such as collaborative family law is an emerging form of dispute resolution that is meant to take much of the stress and financial hardship out of a divorce. This approach can normally come to a favorable resolution for all parties involved much more quickly than going through the courts or traditional negotiations. Some progressive firms recommend this process to most of their clients going through a divorce.  

Local attorneys in Orlando can help you

To make sure your divorce does as smoothly as possible, contact the Aikin Family Law Group. These family law attorneys can make sure your time and money are not wasted so that you can move on with your life and start a new beginning after your marriage ends.