divorce lawyers in Orlando, FL

Preparing yourself for your first meeting with a divorce lawyer will help it to run smoothly and ensure all your concerns are addressed.

If either you, your spouse, or the two of you collaboratively decided that it is time to end your marriage, you may be asking yourself the question that all parties consider upon learning their marriage is about to come to an end. This commonly asked question is, “Do I need to hire a divorce lawyer?” The short answer is yes, as most people aren’t familiar with even the initial step they must take to start the divorce process.

The fact is, an attorney is going to be that person who has your best interest in mind and will help you obtain an outcome that is in your favor. Whether that means getting you more than half of your marital assets or being awarded primary custody of your child, your lawyer is the legal expert who has the ability to do this. Going through a divorce is also extremely difficult for many, from the confusing paperwork that must be filed with the court to being able to prove why you are entitled to the assets you are seeking, divorces can be hard, and can get ugly if you have a disgruntled spouse who doesn’t want to see you win.


So, yes, it is essential for anyone who is preparing to file for divorce to hire a divorce lawyer in Orlando, FL as the benefits they bring truly outweigh any costs you might incur.


Once you decide that it is time to hire an attorney, you will have to schedule an initial meeting to discuss with him or her what services you are looking for. During this first meeting, there are a few questions the Florida Bar recommends you ask along with some others we feel may be beneficial to bring up as well.


Questions to Ask During Your First Meeting with a Divorce Attorney


  1. Have you handled divorce cases similar to mine before? When did you last handle a case like this? Can you share the outcome?
  2. What percentage of your practice is devoted to handling cases of this nature?
  3. Will you actually be working on my case or do you have a legal team who will also be assisting you? If so, what will they be responsible for doing? How will it affect my fee or relations with you?
  4. Are you going to be providing me with copies of all the documents and letters you receive pertaining to my case?
  5. Will you keep me informed about all developments in my case? For important things, are you open to allowing me to make the final decision?
  6. Will you send monthly billing statements, or will I be required to pay a retainer and you use those funds to cover the expenses as they come up?


Finding a lawyer in Orlando, FL who has experience with handling divorce cases.


divorce attorneys in Orlando, FL

Going through a divorce has proven to be difficult for many. However, when you have the right divorce attorney working by your side, you can feel confident in knowing your interests are being taken into account.

Finding a lawyer isn’t difficult, but choosing one who is going to be able to provide you with the type of assistance you will want and need can be. To make life easier on you, below we have provided the contact information for one of the best divorce law firms in Orlando, FL. The Aikin Family Law Grouphas been helping individuals just like you since it was first established in 1995 and is prepared and ready to help you too. To get in contact with the Aikin Family Law Group, simply call 407-644-4636 to schedule an initial consultation to learn more about how the attorneys at this firm will tailor their services to your needs.


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