Winter Park, Florida is a suburb in the northern part of the Orlando metropolitan area. Though Orlando is known for Disney World and other tourist destinations, happiness is not universal for everyone in the area. Many marriages go south and people need legal help to be able to separate without being devastated financially and emotionally. Here are some strong signs that a divorce may be looming, and an overview of what to expect.

When is it Time to get a Divorce?

Being around the same person all the time for years and years on end can start to lose its appeal. Many married couples get to a point where they are arguing all the time over foolish things or merely tolerate each other’s presence. This can lead to depression and it can also affect children who grow up in such a turbulent environment. Although a divorce sounds like a scary idea at first, the pain of being in a marriage that just is not working can become much worse over time. Financial problems also tend to become exacerbated in this environment, which makes a divorce even more costly if these issues are not fixed.

Constant feelings of resentment and unhappiness around a partner that last for weeks, months, or even years at a time may be a sign that it is better to move on. The desire for more independent time is also an indicator that a post-divorce situation may actually be a better option than staying together.

The High Cost of Divorce

Generally, there are two factors that will make a divorce costly. The length of the marriage and the net worth of the individuals involved. Long term marriages always tend to be more difficult and expense to dissolve, and property or financial assets obtained during the marriage will be contested. In Florida, a marriage that has lasted more than seven years is considered long term. If there is a prenuptial agreement on file, a lawyer will be able to read over the document and apply the terms to your current situation. Using such an agreement as a safeguard is becoming more common in recent years. This is especially true as highly publicized celebrity divorces with huge settlements become regular news. When Tiger Woods separated from his wife Elin Nordegren in Florida, the settlement was estimated to be at $110 million. A number of other celebrities such as Garth Brooks, Michael Jordan, Mel Gibson, and Madonna have also had divorces that are just as costly.

How will a Lawyer Help?

An experienced lawyer can help not only minimize the financial damage of a divorce, but skillfully navigate the procedures of the local court system. Florida has specific laws that determine property distribution, child custody, and other issues that come up during the separation. A lawyer who is licensed in the state is familiar with all of these issues and knows how to determine what will happen in your specific situation. Certain firms also have a reputation for helping divorced individuals move on in the most peaceful and convenient way possible. This can involve mediation, settlements, flat fee divorce, or other options designed to make the process of separating more tolerable. A conversation with a lawyer is the best way to determine how to move on in the most efficient manner.

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