Divorce is never easy. Not only does a person have to fight with their feelings, but they also have to figure out how to take care of all the legalities and paperwork involved. This is why most individuals choose to team up with a divorce lawyer to make the process a lot faster, smoother and easier.

Depending on what sort of case a person has, they can choose between a few different ways of getting through the paperwork in Naples, FL. They have the option of filing themselves, undergoing a collaborative divorce, using mediation, and-most commonly-going for a litigation divorce. All these options are available for a person to choose from and the best route will vary from person to person. A person should choose according to how many years they have been married, and how complicated the situation is.

Filing for divorce on your own

As mentioned earlier, filing for divorce without professional help can be very difficult and may have unpleasant consequences. However, it is an option which is available for some individuals. This option is usually only viable when a person has no children involved, and they have only been married for a couple of years. This option should also only be considered if a couple has little or no assets between themselves and if there is no expected alimony either.

Filing a collaborative divorce

In this situation, each person hires their own divorce lawyer and then comes to an agreement on paper. This option is a lot more practical than filing all on one’s own. However, if the two parties cannot come to an agreement then they will have to take their matters further and this form of divorce will no longer be practical.

Utilizing mediation in your divorce

Mediation is a good alternative for those partners who are unable to come to an agreement but they do not want to take their matters to court publicly. With mediation, a trusted family member is generally brought in from both sides of the family to reduce the tension between the partners privately and to try to help them come to a logical conclusion. Once again, if this method fails, then individuals will have to escalate matters, possibly through trial, to get their matters resolved.

Going for litigation divorce

Litigation divorce is highly common and it is basically undertaken when both parties cannot come to a collaborative agreement on the important matters such as asset distribution and child custody. When this is the case, divorce lawyers will have to litigate and the case may or may not be brought to trial in front of a judge.

Get started today

Depending on how long it takes for both partners to come to an agreement, a divorce can be very quick or it can drag on for a long time. Get in touch with a divorce lawyer at Long & Associates, P.A, in Naples, FL, to get started on the process today.