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In order to determine just how much it costs to file for divorce in the state of Florida, there are several factors that must be analyzed before this amount can be estimated. For instance, if there are children involved and they are minors, this can make the cost of your divorce increase. You also have to determine if your divorce is contested or uncontested as this too could play a role in how much you will wind up paying to get the matter settled. Now, for the sake of this article and to give you an idea as to what some divorces cost, we are going to focus on the least expensive way to file for divorce, which is referred to as a simplified dissolution of marriage.

According to the Clerk of Circuit Court and Comptroller Escambia County, FL, the state of Florida currently charges $408.00 plus a $10.00 summons fee to file for a simplified divorce., however, this amount can change if the laws are modified. But what is a simplified divorce and what eligibility requirements must be met in order to file for this type of divorce?

A simplified divorce “is a simple, inexpensive means of ending a marriage for those couples who meet the eligibility requirements.”


What are the eligibility requirements to file for a simplified dissolution of marriage in the state of Florida?


According to Clerk of Circuit Court and Comptroller Escambia County, FL, if all of the following are true, then you would meet the eligibility requirements and be permitted to file for a simplified divorce.


  1. You and/or your spouse must have lived in the state of Florida for at least 6 months prior to filing for a divorce.
  2. You and your spouse are in agreement that your marriage cannot be saved.
  3. You and your spouse have no minor or dependent child(ren) together and you or your wife is not pregnant.
  4. You and your spouse have already worked out how your assets are going to be divided and who will be responsible for satisfying any debts the two of you have acquired together.
  5. You nor your spouse is seeking alimony, also known as spousal support.
  6. You nor your spouse have any desire to have any financial information disclosed other than what is provided in the financial affidavits.
  7. “You are willing to give up your right to trial and to appeal.”
  8. Although this doesn’t necessarily have to be done together, you and your spouse must be willing to visit your local clerk of court’s office to sign the divorce petition. If you are filing for divorce in Naples, FL, you will likely visit the clerk of courts office that is located at:

Collier County Clerk of the Circuit Court

Civil Department-Family Law

3315 Tamiami Trail East, Ste. 102

Naples, FL 34112


  1. You and your spouse are both willing to attend the final hearingat the same time.


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Now, if you don’t meet the eligibility requirements to file for a simplified dissolution of marriage, whether it is because you and your spouse cannot settle your differences when it comes to the division of assets or you have minor or dependent children involved, then it would be best that you consult with a divorce lawyer to find out how much your divorce will cost. Again, there are many factors that come into play so if you want an accurate estimate as to what you might be paying, it is best to consult with a legal professional who deals with these types of matters on a day to day basis.

If you are ready to speak with a divorce lawyer in the Naples, FL area who can help you and provide you with the information you are seeking, contact Long & Alguadich, PLC. The attorneys at this firm have over 20 years of experience in handling marital and family law matters and are more than qualified to provide you with answers to all of your questions and concerns. Going through a separation and preparing to file for divorce is a very confusing time for many which is why Long & Alguadich, PLC is here to help you.


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