Divorce mediation is an alternative option of separation in which a neutral and trained third party assists the couple in making important decisions about their divorce. Aside from the traditional route of litigating divorce in court, individuals who choose to opt for divorce mediation often get a more private and a less stressful way of finalizing the details of their divorce.

Divorce mediation has many benefits that come with it including:

  • Privacy of one’s affairs
  • The help of a trained and neutral third party in finalizing matters
  • Less stress than a traditional court divorce
  • Less expensive than a traditional court divorce
  • More flexibility with timings to meet up and discuss matters
  • More control over the final decision

Is divorce mediation right for me?

Divorce mediation may be less expensive and less stressful but it certainly has downfalls of its own and it generally only works out in very restricted conditions. First of all, divorce mediation works best for those marriages in which both partners decide it is time to split up.

If one spouse is against the divorce then litigation will generally be required. The court does not necessitate the attendance to mediatory meetings for any partner. However, in some states, it is required that a person at least try to attend the mediation meetings and give them a fair chance before escalating matters legally.

Another important point to bring into consideration is whether the couple has a history of domestic abuse. If that is the case, then divorce mediation may not work out very well between the two because the victim may simply be intimidated into agreeing with what the other person is saying. If a person can prove that they had suffered domestic abuse in their relationship then they can even be completely excused from attending such meetings.

The couple should also be able to agree on financial matters and matters regarding child custody through the help of their mediator if they want the mediation divorce to work for them. These matters are often very sensitive and if a couple cannot make a final decision on their own, it will be necessary to take matters to court.

Will an attorney be involved?

If the divorce is more complicated and involves children or a large amount of money that needs to be divided, it is always best to have a divorce lawyer in Orlando on board. A divorce lawyer can help with the paperwork, documents, and collection of evidence in order to prove the point of the partner in question.

Anytime a person goes through a divorce they are often in a lot of emotional turmoil. Even if it was collaborative divorce, and both parties agreed to split up, it can be very hard to let go of all that time which was invested and those memories which were built together. A lawyer or trained mediator can help a person get through this hard time by dealing with all of the legalities for them.