Divorces can be messy, stressful, life events that leave people in very bad situations sometimes. However, because of these problems, lawyers and the law have adapted to come up with ways to help people minimize the life disruptions and high levels of stress associated with this time. Divorce mediation is one such tool available to add some convenience to a turbulent event, and many professionals now specialize in these kinds of negotiations.

Mediation versus divorce

Generally speaking, divorce mediation is a series of negotiation sessions that do not require the formalities of the courtroom, but sort out the same issues. At the conclusion of these sessions, the parties can complete legally binding documentation that dissolves the marriage and handles related issues like property division and child custody. This can be especially beneficial when a couple does not want to spend a lot of time and money arguing over assets and merely wants to part ways quickly.

There are a number of factors related to mediation that should be considered before choosing this option.

Why get divorced through mediation?

An important factor is always costs. Mediated divorces might cost a few thousand dollars for the whole process through a retainer fee rather than lawyers who bill hourly for time in court while litigating a typical divorce. In this sense, a mediated divorce can be much cheaper in many situations.

The ability of avoiding going to court also helps. Because the documents are created by the lawyer and filed in court at the end of the process, the parties to the divorce never actually have to testify, speak with a judge, go through court procedures, and other formalities. This is usually a time saving measure. Aside from the mediator, other professionals can be called into the meeting to provide information about things like finances, medical records, or any issues relevant to the proceedings if necessary without having to follow the courtroom rules of evidence.

Many also report that the ease and reduced stress of a mediated divorce is another important factor. Even in mediation, negotiations can become vicious or even break down and require backtracking. However, some couples just want to get the process done without much hassle and sort things out as quickly and efficiently as possible. This can be especially helpful if there are only a few contested issues and both parties are motivated to go their separate ways. There is also a higher rate of satisfaction after the process for couples who have been separated through mediation rather than a courtroom divorce.

The choice is yours

The decision to get divorced through a mediator rather than in a courtroom with a judge is an important one. Most lawyers who specialize in this area will be happy to discuss this process further and dutifully represent their clients in any environment. The mediator is also a neutral professional who wants to solve problems and get the process completed as efficiently as possible.

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To determine if mediation is right for you rather than filing in traditional manner and going through the courts, it is always best to speak with an experienced divorce lawyer first. The Aikin Family Law Group is located in Orlando, and they offer mediated divorce as well as a number of other options during this stressful time.