If you were involved in an accident in Alexandria, LA and you weren’t properly insured, it is important that you retain a car accident lawyer as soon as possible, and here’s why.


Driving without insurance is the same thing as driving without any protection, financial protection that is. You see, insurance policies are necessary to have not only to be in compliance with the State of Louisiana’s insurance laws, but also to provide you with the financial coverage you need in the event of an accident. Not only do insurance policies cover property damage that the vehicles involved sustained, but it would also pay for the medical bills associated with the care that was rendered for the injuries you and anyone else suffered.


However, when you are not carrying any insurance at all, not only might you be fined and cited by the law enforcement officer who shows up to the scene of the accident, but you may be looking at having to spend some money out of your own pocket. For example, if the other driver suffered any injuries as well as damage to their vehicle, they are likely going to ask that you cover all the costs associated with having their vehicle repaired and medical care rendered. Unfortunately, this can be very costly as medical bills alone sometimes amount to thousands of dollars so what happens if you cannot pay or don’t feel as though you owe the amount the other party is seeking from you?


You risk being sued.


If you aren’t able to provide the other driver with the compensation he/she deserves, then there is a high chance they will come after you and will do so by way of filing a lawsuit. And anytime a lawsuit is filed against a party, they are always encouraged to seek legal aid from a reputable and experienced car accident attorney in Alexandria. Because you are liable for causing the accident, which also makes you liable for covering the damages the other driver incurred, you don’t stand much of a chance at proving you shouldn’t have to pay the other driver the amount of money they are seeking from you.


However, when you are properly represented by car accident lawyer Wendy Aikin who has extensive experience in handling car crash cases, not only can he work directly with the other party so you don’t have to, but he can even help determine if the other driver shared some of the blame.


Now, if you have already been notified that you are being sued by the other motorist you were involved in an accident with or believe you soon will be, contact the Aikin Law Firm today to schedule an initial consultation. Attorney Wendy Aikin will review all the details you provide to determine how he can help you obtain a successful outcome. While you may be required to pay some of the expenses that are associated with the other driver’s damages, our office can help you and the other driver come to an agreement on what should be paid through negotiation.


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