A woman on the gulf coast of Florida spoke with the media about issues related to giving birth and raising children during the pandemic

Pregnant women are concerned about how their families will begin during the pandemic

At approximately 8 months pregnant, she began to research how to give birth to the child on her own, due to fear of overwhelmed hospitals and picking up the virus if she did enter a professional healthcare setting where lots of other sick people would be in the same facility. 

Despite these concerns, the director of women’s services for Cape Coral Hospital of Lee Health assured expectant mothers that all of the facility’s normal services are available to them. Other healthcare officials around the state have told people that even though people considered hospitals to be ground zero for the pandemic, there would be adequate resources for other important services such as delivering babies. Women who are licensed as midwives in the state have also been booked to capacity, as many are looking to utilize their services.  

Pregnant women do have some cause for alarm, as the CDC has cautioned them to avoid exposure to the virus due to possible complications and a number of other factors that are currently unknown. In other words, they have been told to be avoid contact with others if possible during the pandemic. 

Very few infants around the country and only two in Collier County Florida tested positive for COVID-19 so far at the time of the report. Health experts believe that mothers cannot transmit the virus to their unborn babies during pregnancy. 

Even with hospitals making their best efforts, there are other problems which may emerge. There may be more restrictions placed on guests and visiting hours for women who are with their babies. Other concerns include a lack of supplies when women return home and need to care for their newborns due to panic buying that cleared out many important supplies. 

Legal issues related to new family members

While the birth of a child is a happy time for many couples, there are also others who have to deal with child custody issues, adoption, child support, and related family law problems shortly afterward. It is important to get legal advice before making any major decisions related to these issues or divorcing. Staying in contact with an attorney and your local court is also important during the pandemic due to forced closures and other issues that may affect the normal calendar. 

Talk to a local attorney about family law issues

There are lawyers who assist clients in Tampa, Clearwater, and other parts of the gulf coast of Florida with court procedures and filings related to child custody, child support, and any other other concerns that may be affecting your family. To learn more, contact:

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