A Florida woman responded to her husband’s request for a separation by shocking him with a stun gun, authorities said.  Pamela Carr, 69, was arrested Sunday at her Clearwater mobile home and charged with aggravated domestic battery after getting into an argument with her husband after he told her he wanted to end their marriage of nine years. She pulled out a Taser and stunned her husband several times at close range.

Divorce can be difficult.

Once a spouse decides that their marriage is no longer viable, it is best to speak with an experienced divorce attorney to help navigate next steps to be taken to avoid a dangerous confrontation with the other spouse. One would think that it is easy to complete a divorce proceeding in Florida, as it is referred to as a “no-fault divorce state” where it is not necessary to prove infidelity or abuse.  Couples often do not invest in legal counsel when there are no children, or assets from the marriage.  Sometimes, in lieu of an attorney, trained mediators are used to overcome differences between the divorcing parties and can fend of antagonism.  Most often, divorce actions move along more smoothly with better outcomes when professional legal counsel take the reins.

Financial matters.

There are times when financial matters need to be addressed before a divorce action can be completed  due to the time factors involved.  Keep in mind that erratic emotions can be damaging to the success of finalizing a divorce action.  Objectivity is the key to moving through child custody and property division with a clear focus and is better handled with the help of legal counsel, who can reduce conflict as a marriage comes to an end. Temporary orders that ensure support to a household where only one party to the marriage has an income, along with those that cover child support to make certain children are cared for in the same manner as they were during the marriage, are imperative to family stability.

Settlement agreement.

A comprehensive settlement agreement addressing all important facets of a failed marriage may increase the ability to maintain a stable family future, so it is important to seek assistance in its preparation.  Clearwater divorce petitions and supporting documents are filed in the Sixth Judicial Circuit Court in the State of Florida.  It is only necessary for one party to say the marriage is “irretrievably broken” without placing blame.  To proceed with a Florida no fault divorce, at least one party to the action must be a resident of Florida for six months prior to divorce, and file the paperwork in the county of residency.

Hire an attorney.

The Law Offices of Yeazell & Sweet in Clearwater  offers free consultation when individuals realize that divorce is the only option.  They may be able to assist in a smooth transition through this stressful life-changing event by limiting emotional and financial pitfalls.


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