Some individuals find that the publicity associated with a divorce can have consequences that go beyond their personal lives.

Local news for Jacksonville, Florida reported on the divorce of the Clay County Sheriff

Clay County Sheriff cheated on his wife with a corrections officer

The Sheriff’s wife had filed divorce papers in Duval County court after learning about an affair that her husband was involved in. The situation became somewhat of a scandal when it was published by media outlets in north Florida. The complaint filed contained the standard language for a divorce in the state, saying that the marriage was irretrievably broken and must be dissolved. Because Florida is a no fault divorce state, only one spouse needs to file and there can be any reason for the breakdown of the marriage. 

Records show that the couple had been married since 1985, where their marriage license was granted in Dade County, Florida. The sheriff’s affair was uncovered as part of an internal affairs misconduct investigation by his department. A female Duval County corrections officer was under the sheriff’s supervision when he had previously worked in different a position as jail director. The woman confirmed that there had been relations between the two of them, and many of his staff members started to question his leadership ability after the scandal was revealed. 

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office released a report that their relationship had started sometime in 2013 shortly after the woman was hired. The exact duration of their affair is unknown, but it ended sometime shortly afterward when the sheriff retained help related to alleged stalking from his former lover and subordinate. 

A news organization also revealed that payments were made to the woman over the course of a few years, likely to keep her quiet. A recorded conversation disclosed that payments were still being sent throughout 2014 and 2015, and possibly until sometime in 2019. 

The disgraced sheriff has refused to make any comments about the situation or answer media requests. 

Getting the right lawyer to assist with a divorce

As this news story shows, many professionals can experience serious fallout during and after a divorce. This can cause problems not only in their personal lives, but also damage their careers and cause their co-workers to lose trust in them.

Because divorces that are publicized can be such a problem for high profile individuals, it is important to only trust the most experienced family law attorneys with your divorce proceedings. They can recommend a course of action that will end the process quickly and keep the details of the separation private. 

Learn more about how to approach an upcoming divorce

There are attorneys throughout the state of Florida who focus on helping people while they go through the formalities of a divorce. You can use the listings on to find a local professional in your city. 

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