Fights grow over Florida’s new alimony law.

Fort Lauderdale, FL- This week marked a ramping up of controversy over a bill making its way through the Florida legislature. The bill, which would put an end to lifetime alimony payments, has yet to be signed by Governor Rick Scott, and many are hoping he won’t since many objects to a child

The law at question would essentially end lifetime alimony payments and would reduce multiple categories of alimony to one. Lifetime, rehabilitative and durational alimony would be replaced with post-dissolution alimony, the amount of which will be determined by a scale outlined in the legislation. Some alimony recipients can receive larger awards if their marriage lasted for 20 years of more, but alimony will no longer be paid indefinitely. Alimony won’t be awarded

But the alimony provision is not the part of the bill receiving the most criticism; many protestors are angry about a child custody provision included in the bill. The law instructs judges to begin child custody negotiations with the premise the children should share time with each parent. Judges would be allowed to determine custody arrangements based on 22 factors including the child’s preference, the custody preference of each parent and a child’s school activities. Some parents don’t like that idea and want the child custody provision stripped from the law.

One mother told Orlando Weekly that it is not always in the best interest of a child to move from one home to the next each week and that they need stability. One man said he deserves to spend equal time with his kids but under current laws, his estranged wife gets more time with their children.

Governor Scott has until April 19th to sign the bill, but it’s not clear if he plans to or not. He did veto a previous version of the bill, so Scott may incline to do so again.

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