A well known television personality and his wife confirmed their divorce. They owned a property in southwest Florida in Naples that was divided during the proceedings.

Host of Hannity show admits he has been living separately from his wife

Sean Hannity is the host of a highly rated and sometimes controversial conservative evening broadcast on Fox News, and he also has a syndicated radio show. The couple admitted that his hectic work schedule left very little time for them to spend together and contributed to the downfall of their marriage. One of their close friends released an anonymous statement that went into detail about how Sean was essentially a workaholic who never really slowed down for his family. His work ethic gave him great financial success, but his children and wife may have suffered in non-economic ways. His salary from Fox News alone is several million dollars each year, and he has other financial interests.  

Hannity and his wife Jill Rhodes met in 1992 and married in 1993. They have two children together, who are both adults at the time they split. They confirmed that they had been living apart for over a year before formally announcing their divorce to the public in the spring of 2020.

An important issue in the divorce was a property located in Naples, Florida. It was mostly used as a vacation property since 2016 and was in the Moraya Bay Beach Tower. The penthouse condo that Hannity’s family owned overlooked the Gulf of Mexico and a part of Vanderbilt Beach. He had previously commented that his family went fishing, jet skiing, and played tennis often in the community. 

Real estate listings at the time of the divorce estimated that the condo was probably worth approximately $5 million dollars. The couple did not release any details related to who would own the property after the divorce was finalized. 

Deciding who gets the house in a Florida divorce case 

Property division is always a serious issue during a divorce. In situations like the couple mentioned in the news report, spouses may fight extensively over a home or vacation property that is worth millions of dollars. As long as the home was obtained after the couple entered into the marriage, it will usually be classified as marital property and subject to division between the spouses under Florida family law. If the couple can agree on who should take each piece of property, the process is usually much quicker and easier. 

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