Some divorce cases also result in issues related to domestic violence and stalking. Local news for the gulf coast of Florida reported on a woman who was stalked by a man she met at a divorce support group.

Divorce support group leads a stalker to a new victim

The victim told police that she met the man as part of a 14 week group session for people who were going through divorces and looking for social support in January of 2018. She said that she only knew the suspect from the group meetings, and was never involved with him in any other way. As of April of 2019, she had not seen him again.

Two months later in June, she discovered devices in her home that had blinking lights and recording technology. They appeared to be pointed at her bedroom and bathroom. The victim contacted the Lee County Sheriff’s Office about the situation and changed her locks. She had also gotten surveillance footage from the property manager where she lived that showed the suspect entering her house. She eventually left the home and began to live elsewhere.

Just weeks later in July, the victim noticed that she was followed by another car at certain times. The police checked her vehicle and discovered a black waterproof case that had magnets inside attached to the vehicle. This was likely some kind of tracking device. The SUV that was following the victim was also identified as one that belonged to the suspect. 

The 33 year old male suspect was charged with 12 different counts for his actions. These charges including burglary, stalking, possession of burglary tools, and interception and disclosures using prohibited recording devices. He had also sent an email to the victim while he was being investigated admitting to what he had done. The suspect was held on a $111,000 bond. 

What to do when a protective order becomes necessary

Protective orders are available whenever there is a legitimate threat of crime or violence, and judges can issue them quickly in Florida. It is important to contact a lawyer who deals with domestic violence and family law, and have them schedule a hearing as soon as possible so that a local judge can issue the order. They will inform the defendant that they cannot contact the victim in any way, otherwise they will face serious consequences, including jail time. 

If the situation is an emergency, it is best to contact the police first, then speak with a lawyer afterward.

Get help from a family law attorney in the Tampa area

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