St. Petersburg, FL – Florida is a state that is known to have a high divorce rate. There are a number of reasons for this, including the ease of obtaining a no fault divorce, but some marriage problems also seem to be unique to the sunshine state. Regardless of the reasons for any problems, couples in Florida can get legal help and review their options. 

Money problems

Financial issues are a leading cause of divorce in all of the United States, but in Florida this is the main reason why couples start to grow apart and argue. Even problems like adultery are not as widespread in Florida as money problems within marriages. Things like a job loss, high credit card bills, or income that is not high enough to sustain a certain standard of living become constant argument starters for many couples. Because financial problems rarely go away quickly, months or years of disagreement over these same issues can compel one or both spouses to start the process to end the marriage. 

Unrealistic desires and goals

Many divorced couples in Florida have said that their actual married life turned out to be much different than they expected it would be before they got married. Some of this resentment comes from the fact that one spouse may think that the other will change or act differently once their relationship is formalized through marriage, but this rarely happens. If one or both partners are constantly disappointed with the way the other acts or behaves, this becomes a consistent source of disagreements and arguments. 

Personal interests and communication problems

A combination of a lack of talking about personal pursuits and interests along with one or both spouses wanting to keep many aspects of their single life leads to resentment and suspicion. Couples that do not communicate adequately and expect to keep individual hobbies and goals can start to have serious issues. One partner will usually assume the worst and think that the other is cheating or attempting to have various kinds of affairs behind their back. 

Assumptions that marriage will fix other problems

This is a common issue both in Florida and nationally for some couples. Some people think that the formalities of marriage will stop arguments over money, or that they should force themselves into marriage due to things like pregnancy or family expectations. Often, this kind of rushed or forced marriage has the opposite effect and makes the situation even worse. 

Family law services

When someone is experiencing family issues such as a divorce, child custody hearing, or the need to draft a prenuptial agreement, there is legal help available in the St. Petersburg area. The Law Offices of Yeazell and Sweet provide local clients with advice and solutions related to a number of different issues.

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