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Florida couple attempts to compete against each other in a local election after they divorced

Local news for Florida covered a political battle that involved two spouses who had previously divorced, and were running for the same office. 

Local divorced couple continues their arguments in politics

An auditorium in the city of Plantation in Broward County hosted the two candidates who were running for clerk of courts. The atmosphere was tense, as those who were familiar with the situation knew that the election was essentially being decided between two members of a divorced couple. 

The 74 year old former clerk had come out of retirement to run again, seemingly as an unfinished marital argument. Many suspected that his wife’s lack of formal political experience and education had frustrated him, as she was able to win an election to succeed him in the position that he held for many years. The former clerk also suspected that his name and political clout had helped her succeed, even after their marriage had ended. 

Their divorce had made local headlines for being a bitter one. There were significant arguments over money, the judge initially assigned to the case had transferred it, and the wife of the couple had made some controversial statements about her husband allegedly having dementia, which seemed to be untrue. The husband countered with many claims of his own alleging that she was acting illegally and in bad faith. Because of his prominence in local politics, most of this information became media fodder. 

There were other issues going on in the clerk’s office at the time that caused some working in local government to speculate that the position had simply turned into a mess. A local judge who was the third candidate running for the office said that he thought neither of them deserved to win, because of the current situation and high level of dysfunction. There were also concerns that the county could run into financial problems, as the clerk is also the custodian of the county government’s funding and this did not seem to be a good time to trust either of them with large amounts of money. 

Divorces that cause emotions to run high

As this news story shows, bitterness and unfinished issues from a divorce can cause problems for months or years. One of the best ways to avoid this situation is to deal with an experienced attorney who will resolve the divorce as completely as possible. 

In divorces that may become violent, it is also recommended to file for a protective order to prevent the possibility of injury or domestic violence. 

Local divorce lawyers in the Tampa Florida area

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