Ft. Lauderdale, FL- Florida Congressman Alan Grayson is in the middle of an ugly divorce, but things are getting even uglier as his estranged wife accuses him of neglecting their home and forcing her and their four kids to live in a squalid, mold-infested home.

In a new court filing obtained by the Associated Press, Lolita Grayson alleges the Orlando home where she and her children are living is in very poor condition. Windows are broken and the roof is leaking allowing rain and water to seep in and cause mold to grow inside the home.

Mrs. Grayson says she is a stay-at-home mom with no income, and she therefore cannot pay repair costs for their 5,000+ square-foot home.

Congressman Grayson’s rep Mark NeJame told AP that Mr. Grayson is paying his estranged wife $10K a month for the mortgage, spousal and child support along with paying college tuition for their eldest child. NeJame alluding to Mrs. Grayson’s lackluster housekeeping skills as the reason for the “horrible” conditions at the home.

This is just the latest turn in what is shaping up to be a highly contentious divorce with accusations of bigamy and domestic violence.

In April, Mr. Grayson filed divorce papers alleging his wife is a bigamist and asked for his marriage to be annulled. He alleged that although Mrs. Grayson knew she was still married, she concealed that fact in order to trick him into marrying her in 1990.

Mr. Grayson’s attorney discovered the overlap of marriages while examining documents.

But prior to that, in March, Mrs. Grayson filed for a restraining order against Mr. Grayson alleging that he pushed her to the ground while the couple were arguing. She eventually withdrew her petition, and police dropped the charges, but the damage to the Congressman’s reputation was already done.

After this incident, Mr. Grayson filed a civil suit against his estranged wife alleging slander and defamation of character.

Mrs. Grayson filed for divorce in January of this stating that her marriage was “irretrievably broken.” She is seeking spousal and child support and joint but primary custody of their children. In his counter claim, Rep. Grayson asked for primary custody of their children along with their home, their seven vehicles and attorney’s fees.

Before the couple is able divorce, they must first attend a hearing to determine if Mrs. Grayson was still married to her first husband. If the court determines she is bigamist then Mr. Grayson could be granted an annulment since he can show that his marriage to Lolita was the result of fraud and not legally legitimate.

The Grayson’s divorce is a prime example of how a divorce can shape up to be an ugly battle and testament to why you need a gifted divorce attorney on your side. They will dedicate their time and expertise to assuring you get a fair settlement, an agreeable child custody arrangement and you keep your good reputation intact.