They are known for their savvy skills used to buy and sell real-estate, and making a large profit off of the remodeling they do after purchasing a fixer upper. While these reality TV stars make buying and flipping a house look effortless, it appears they aren’t doing so well handling their own personal matters. The two can be seen on the television network HGTV, and now because of the recent divorce they are going through, all over the tabloids and social media.

Why are the Stars Struggling So Much? 

One of the worst things that can follow the filing of a divorce are the disagreements that arise between the two parties. One person may feel more entitled than the other to receive certain assets. Child custody is something that must be discussed if children are involved, and possibly even child support. For the Flip or Flop stars, not only are ugly rumors being spread which grace the cover of many magazines, but now HGTV is threatening to sue the couple.

One of the biggest struggles aside from how they will split their time up with their child is the fact that their show involved the two of them. Tarek El Moussa primarily focuses on gutting out many of the houses they purchase, and his wife, Christina El Moussa, remodels them. The team, or what used to be a team, may not be able to continue with their roles on the show once their divorce is finalized. HGTV isn’t satisfied with this as the duo “are much more powerful together than apart” according to In Touch Weekly.

HGTV has warned the couple that they either finish out their contracts or they will be taken to court.

Custody is one of the most challenging matters that must be handled when a couple divorces.

Divorces Aren’t Easy but Finding a Divorce Attorney in Brooklyn Is

While one couple may be able to go their separate ways, others have invested far too much time to just walk away. Divorces are difficult to endure. Paperwork needs to be filed, deadlines need to be met, and one thing you can’t forget is the pain and distress you probably feel as you end one chapter of your life only to begin another.

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