St. Louis, MO- When a man says “I do,” the farthest thought in their mind is divorce, but, despite a person’s best intentions, some marriages simply don’t last. Perhaps a couple wasn’t suited for one another. Or, perhaps they can’t overcome the obstacles in their marriage. Men and women have different reasons to seek out divorce and in this article we will discuss six top reasons men divorce according to the National Fatherhood Initiative.


Money is big deal and is one of the primary reasons couples get into arguments. Whether a couple is rich of poor, money can drive gargantuan wedge between a married couple. No one wants to fight everyday so it is crucial for a couple to be open and upfront with each about their finances, their debts and how best to spend their money before tying the knot.

Trust Issues:

A marriage is a life partnership that is built on love and trust, and without trust, the love a couple shares simply can’t stand the test of time.

Communication Problems:

With any relationship, communication is very important. When a couple lacks the skills to discuss the issues between them, those issues cannot be overcome or repaired. Since marriage is about sharing, a couple must be able to communicate their joy and discontent to build a long-lasting and trusting relationship.


We all have different goals and expectations for a marriage. For a marriage to work, each spouse must respect the other’s desires and wishes. Unreasonable expectations of your spouse can breed acrimony which can in turn lead to resentment and disappointment. When a couple doesn’t have shared goals or expectations it can be difficult for a couple to build a promising life together.


Nothing kills a relationship faster than jealousy. It causes people to make assumptions and make accusations without evidence. Psychologists believe the jealousy is the manifestation of a person’s insecurity. Doubting your partner’s love and devotion is sure way of destroying your marriage.

When you are able to recognize the issues that are tearing your marriage apart, you have the power to turn things around and possibly save your marriage. It won’t be easy, but it is possible if you are up to the difficult task.  If you believe your marriage can be saved and is worth the work, then you should do what it takes to save it.

Sadly, not all marriages can be saved and a couple, for the sake of theirs and their partner’s happiness, see divorce as their best option. If you find you and your spouse are in an unhappy and unfulfilling marriage, a St. Louis divorce attorney will help you through divorce process so it causes the least amount of pain possible.

One of our accomplished Missouri divorce attorneys will be by your side throughout all stages of your divorce and will do whatever they can to protect your interests. They won’t allow you to accept less than you deserve and will advocate for your rights.