Phoenix, AZ- We can’t help but be obsessed with the glitzy and glamorous lives of the Hollywood elite. With the fame comes a money and with money comes big divorces. In the end, celebrities came pay a hefty sum when they get divorced. Here we’ll take a look at five of the more costly celebrity divorce settlements.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie

$92 million

She made her money as a pop icon, he directed box office blockbusters. Madonna was ten years Guy Ritchie’s senior when the couple married in December so she had already amassed a sizable fortune. They had a son together, adopted another one, and together they opened a nightclub in London, aptly named the Punchbowl. Technic

Madge made significantly more than her director husband so when they divorced in 2008, she shelled out a whopping $92 million dollars, plus their home in Ashcombe, plus the night club in London.

Madonna’s quickie 2008 divorce from director Guy Ritchie ended up with her forking out $92 million, PLUS their country home in Ashcombe, located in the countryside of Southern England, plus the London club.

 Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving

$100 Million

Back in 1977, Amy Irving was an actress auditioning for “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” when she met legendary director Steven Spielberg. He didn’t cast her for that part, but nearly eight years later she would earn the role of Spielberg’s wife.

When they married in 1985, Spielberg already had huge success in the box office. Even though the couple signed a prenuptial, four years later she, with the help of a knowledgeable divorce attorney, successfully contested the agreement and was awarded $100 million.

Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison

$118 million

Harrison Ford may be a well-known actor, but he’s also very private. Before he married his third and significantly younger third wife, actress Calista Flockhart. Ford married screenwriter Melissa Mathison, his second wife, in 1983 and in 2001 after a brief split and reunification, the two split. In the ensuing settlement, the Business Insider reported, Mathison was granted $118 million.

Neal Diamond and Marcia Murphey

$150 million

In 1969, when Neil Diamond after divorcing his first wide, legendary singer Neil Diamond married production assistant, Marcia Murphey, his second wife. Murphey tolerated 25 years of rumors about one-night stands and affairs before filing for divorce in 1993 or 1994. When they finalized their divorce, Diamond paid Murphey $150 million.

But Diamond wasn’t bitter, he later said “she was worth every dime.”

Mel Gibson and Robyn Denise Moore

$425 million

After filming “Mad Max” and Mel Gibson met and married his first wife Robyn Denise Moore, long before he became one of Hollywood’s best paid actors. They married in 1980 and as devout Catholics they had 6 children together. In 2006 Gibson got popped for DUI in Malibu, then he and his wife separated.

In 2009, Robyn Gibson hired filed for divorce and after a two-year long divorce, she was awarded $425 million, according to the Business Insider. Now, that’s what an excellent divorce attorney can do.

The settlement Robyn Denise Moore received remains one of the highest Hollywood divorce settlements.