Centerville, OH- Last November, when a court awarded Sue Ann Arnall– the former Mrs. Harold Hamm– nearly a billion dollars in her divorce, she vowed to appeal. But it appears she’s changed her mind.

According to multiple reports, Arnall cashed the $974,790,317.77 check she initially said she planned to tear up because she said she deserved more. Her ex-husband, Oklahoma oil tycoon Harold Hamm’s company was valued at over $13 billion last November when a judge settled her divorce so Arnall believed she deserved more. During their divorce trial, Arnall said that she worked alongside her husband for 25 years to help his oil company grow.

Unhappy with the $1.4 billion dollar divorce settlement which include a couple of choice pieces of real-estate and other property, Arnall said almost immediately after her trial that she would appeal and ask for a larger settlement. But a lot has changed since then; she cashed the big check and stock prices for ex’s company, Continental Resources, plummeted as oil prices took a nosedive.

By cashing the check, Arnall probably won’t be able to appeal the initial judgment. Harold Hamm’s attorney told CBS News that he believes her right to appeal was voided by depositing the check. Arnall and Hamm recently asked the judge to change the settlement amount—she wanted a higher one, he wanted a lower one—but both requests were denied.

If that’s the case, it will end the drawn-out divorce battle and will go on record as the most expensive divorce in American history. There have been larger judgments in the world, like Russian fertilizer tycoon Dmitry Rybolovlev’s divorce, which cost him $4 billion.

Most divorcing couples aren’t billionaires or millionaires, but they still have a lot to lose if they don’t handle their divorce correctly. The first step in handling your divorce the right way is to seek out a divorce attorney and get their expert advice. They will explain to you the steps you must take to make a clean break and emerge from the divorce process with a satisfactory settlement.

When it comes to a divorce settlement, many things are taken into consideration including both spouses income and earning potential, their assets, and the value of their property. Most states divide a couple’s assets equitably, but that isn’t etched in stone. It is possible for one party to receive spousal support in addition to their divorce settlement. They key to getting an fair and just settlement is having someone who knows the divorce laws well, is dedicated and willing devote a great deal of time and energy to your case.

If you and your spouse can’t make your marriage work and divorce is inevitable, don’t make the mistake of trying to tackle your divorce alone. More goes into a divorce than you might think and you need someone to walk you through the process. Our Ohio divorce attorneys will do everything in their power to ensure you get a fair settlement.