Ashton and DemiLos Angeles, CA-After more than a year of negotiations, Ashton Kutcher, 36, and Demi Moore, 51 have finally settled their divorce. It took the former couple, who married in 2005, took months to negotiate the terms of their marriage, but it is final and they can get on with their lives.

Last week, Kutcher’s high-powered attorney, Laura Wasser, who is famous for her celebrity clients, filed the final divorce settlement, which was signed by a judge. The details are scant, but it would seem that Moore was the triumphant one.

The couple split after it was revealed that Kutcher cheated on Moore while she was out of town for a movie premier. Photos of the tryst became highly publicized and the end of their marriage seemed imminent. The couple officially separated in late 2011.

Even though the couple split in 2011, it took the May-December couple another year to file for divorce—they filed official divorce documents December 2012, citing irreconcilable differences. That delayed filing gave rise to a number of theories as to why it took Moore and Kutcher so long to make their split official since he had already moved on with his former “That 70s Show” costar, Mila Kunis.

When it took the Moore and Kutcher so long to file for divorce some of the more ridiculous rumors circulating the internet went so far as to say their marriage was not legitimate. But the more reasonable assumption was that Moore was holding out for a better divorce settlement and it appears as though she may have been successful. Her 18 months of negotiating was well-worth it for the 51 year-old actress, who got a little more than she asked for.

Masters of celebrity news, TMZ reported that Kutcher finally agreed to a larger settlement than initially offered, but Moore backed off of his attempt to get spousal support. Kutcher was not awarded spousal support either.

Months after Kutcher filed divorce documents; Moore submitted her documents which in addition to asking for spousal support, she asked for a portion of his earnings from investments and that he pay for $25 million worth of renovations for her New York apartment. It is not clear whether Kutcher will foot the bill for the renovations now that they’ve reached a final settlement.

Moore’s divorce from her second husband and action icon Bruce Willis netted her $90 million, showing that she is a savvy negotiator and knows understands the value of having an experienced divorce attorney. She is actually approximately $10 million wealthier than Kutcher, but she reportedly wanted a cut of the profits her ex made in the venture capital game. Kutcher is apparently a shrewd investor and made millions in the 18 months before they filed for divorce.

The larger settlement won’t hurt Kutcher’s pocket book much since he earns $700,000 for each episode of “Two and a Half Men. Kutcher is worth an estimated $140 million and because of his attorney may be able to keep more of his millions.