You must be a resident of Louisiana six months before you can file for divorce.

Divorce lawyer in Alexandria, Louisiana explains what steps you must take to file for divorce

Alexandria, LA- Getting a divorce isn’t easy. There is paperwork to fill out, filing deadlines, residency requirements and many issues to work through. All stages of the divorce process in Louisiana can be complicated, which is why USAttorneys wanted to share some of the basics of divorce in Alexandria.

Grounds for filing

You can file for divorce in Alexandria, if you and your spouse have split are no longer living together. You can also file for divorce if your spouse commits adultery or a felony. However, when a couple is in a covenant marriage, they must show grounds for divorce including adultery, a conviction of a felony or show that both spouses have agreed to get a divorce.

If you are in a covenant marriage, the process of divorce is much more challenging. We cover covenant marriage in more depth below.

Residency Requirements

Before you can file for divorce in Bayou State, you must be a resident for a minimum of six months. If a couple can decide on a child custody arrangement and division of assets, a judge can approve your divorce six months after you file your initial petition.

A divorce lawyer in Alexandria can help you guide you through all stages of your divorce.

Covenant marriage

In Louisiana, couples can enter a covenant marriage, a special, religiously based type of union. Divorce is harder for couples in a covenant marriage. A couple must prove they have grounds for divorce. These reasons include adultery, felony conviction, physical or sexual abuse abandonment for at least one year

A couple must go through counseling for several months to dissolve their covenant marriage and will only be granted a divorce on the grounds listed above. Irreconcilable differences are not enough to get a divorce if you enter a covenant marriage.

Child custody in Louisiana

If a couple can come up with a child custody arrangement, the court doesn’t have to be involved, but a judge must approve the final agreement.

Like most states, Louisiana’s family courts prefer joint custody arrangements. But when a couple cannot come to an agreement, the court will consider what is in the best interest of a child when determining the final custody and visitation arrangements.

Family courts don’t have to be involved in your child custody decisions unless you and your estranged spouse cannot come to an agreement.

Child Support

Parents are obligated to support their children financially, and child support ensures they live up to that duty. When considering what amount of child support is awarded to a spouse, the courts will look at several factors including each parent’s income, each child’s living expenses and the amount of time a parent spends with their child or children.

To get a divorce, you need to make difficult decisions. A divorce lawyer can help you make those hard decisions and protect your interests in the process. If you plan on filing for divorce, we recommend you call one of our divorce lawyers in Alexandria.