Fort Meyers, FL- Why do people divorce? That’s a question experts and spiritual leaders have been seeking the answer to, with the belief that once he answer is discovered more marriages can be salvaged. Nevertheless, there is no simple answer to what causes a breakdown in marriage. Incompatibility, cheating, lack of communication and a breakdown of trust are primary reasons people head to a divorce attorney. However studies have shown that views about money and fights about combined finances are larger predictors of divorce. In a 2012 study, researchers at the University of Kansas found that couples who fought about money earlier on in their relationships, in spite of their income, net worth and debts, were at a higher risk of divorce. Fights about money tend to be more intense and last longer than other disagreements couples have researchers concluded. Further stating that financial arguments could be indicative of larger issues of trust or the balance of power in a marriage. Additionally, money could represent different things to each spouse, some may see it as a status symbol and want to spend it, while the other spouse sees money as a means of security and likes to save some for a rainy day. These deeply held beliefs about money usually stem from an individual’s upbringing and can be difficult for a couple to reconcile. Even worse than fighting over money is hiding it or lying about where the money is going. In a more recent survey from the National Endowment for Financial Education discovered one in three adults lied to their spouse about their finances, which they dubbed “financial infidelity.” And those deceptions adversely affected their relationship. Of 2,035 adults ages 18 and older, who were surveyed, one in ten admitted to a hiding a “purchase, bank account, statement, bill, or cash from their partner or spouse.” Thirteen percent admitted to more serious deceptions While the deceivers, 76 percent of them, admitted that the deception negatively affected their relationship, 35 percent said they believed some aspects of their finances should be private. Those who were deceived thought otherwise, 47 percent said the lie led to an argument and 33 percent said it caused diminished trust in the relationship. For thirteen percent of respondents, “financial infidelity” ultimately led to divorce. If finances are bone of contention in a marriage then it’s only natural for the issue to figure prominently in divorce. Money can be used as ploy for one jilted spouse to get even with the other either by trying to take it all or deprive the other of a fair settlement. Money can be a tool for revenge by one or both jaded spouse so it’s important for both parties to retain a divorce attorney to protect their interests and secure their financial future. One way to avoid quarrels over money in the event of divorce is to have a divorce attorney draft a prenuptial agreement so the issues of money are settled before emotions take over a divorce proceeding.