Local news for New York reported on the divorce of a celebrity couple that was likely caused by a domestic violence incident

Domestic violence required a police response, but no one was arrested

Police had previously responded to a domestic violence call at the residence of actress Christina Ricci approximately a week before the divorce paperwork was filed. She later submitted the formal divorce documents in the local superior court and claimed that there were irreconcilable differences between her and her husband James Heerdegen. She also asked for complete and sole physical custody of the couple’s five year old son.

After the incident, law enforcement did confirm that the response was related to an allegation of domestic battery around 9 am that morning, and that Ricci was the alleged victim in the case, but they disclosed no other details about injuries. No one was actually arrested at that time. 

The couple had initially met while both working on the set of a television series called “Pan Am” in 2011, which did not air for very long. Their wedding was in New York City in October of 2013. Heerdegen, aged 38, had worked as a dolly grip on the well known series “Elementary” and other films. Ricci gained fame in the 1990s for her roles in the Adams Family series of films and others in the following years. 

Getting separated in the Brooklyn area

An incident of domestic violence is serious, and it is a good reason to end a marriage if it seems that the couple will not be able to reconcile their differences. In any relationship that has become abusive, it is usually beneficial to walk away rather than risk further harm and injury.

Regardless of the reasons, a divorce lawyer can assist with the process of filing the initial documents and working through court hearings and other important procedures. New York has basic residency requirements like every other state, and couples can essentially divorce for any reason at all as long as at least one spouse claims that the marriage has broken down and cannot be fixed. 

After this initial filing, there will be other separate hearings related to issues such as property division, child custody, and alimony if necessary. Property division can be very important for couples who share a large amount of wealth, as judges are given a large degree of discretion to distribute personal items and real property as they see fit. Alimony payments can also be a significant financial burden on a spouse who intends to remarry. 

Speak with a family law attorney in your city

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