ATLANTA, Georgia. If you’re thinking about getting divorced in Georgia, it is important to understand that it can take some time to finalize a divorce. According to the Georgia government a divorce can be finalized in as short as one month, but most cases take longer. How long your divorce will take to legally finalize will depend on many factors. In more complicated cases, divorces can take months to years to finalize. The Georgia government generally advises that individuals seek counsel from a qualified family law attorney if they are considering filing for divorce. Contact The Law Offices of Elliot Green or visit their website at

The time it will take to finalize your divorce will depend on your assets, your debts, and whether you get along with your ex. If you and your ex remain friends, amicable, and your finances are simple, your divorce may be able to be finalized in a month or two. However, if you have children, if you own property, if you have stocks, or complicated assets, your divorce may take longer to finalize.

For couples who can agree on most issues, there are many options. According to the New York Times, some couples are choosing to check into “Divorce Hotels” to finalize their divorces. The hotels offer separate accommodations for each spouse and suites where the divorce agreement can be ironed out. The set-up vets clients and selects clients who have the best chance of reaching an agreement at the end of a “divorce weekend getaway.”

Yet, many family law attorneys are skeptical of the arrangement, explaining that most divorces take longer than a couple of days to work out. Parenting plans, for instance, are complex arrangements involving scheduling, planning, and financial considerations. Once a judge approves a parenting plan, these plans can be difficult to change. Family law attorneys urge caution, care, and yes, time. Rushing into a quick solution to finalize a divorce may not be the best idea, especially if you and your family will have to live with those choices for years to come. The best bet, is to take your time, review finances, review needs and goals, and develop a plan

that works. While the idea of a spa weekend divorce sounds romantic, the reality is that many divorces require careful planning, discussion, and serious legal work.

Individuals with complex financial situations and children should be wary of any arrangement that promises quick solutions. Of course, if you and your spouse agree about parenting, dividing property and assets, and debt, your divorce will likely be able to be resolved in a faster manner.

If you’re getting divorced, it is important to find a family law attorney who can look out for your best interests, help you understand your rights, and help you with parenting plans and other important legal considerations. The Law Offices of Elliot Green understand that every divorce and family law matter is unique. The firm takes the time to understand each family’s needs and helps them develop a solution that works.