Family members of the missing Linda McLaughlin have announced that they will pay anybody that comes forward with news or clues about the missing Sunset Hills woman $10,000, according to

This can help or hurt. Sometimes this leads to all sorts of bogus or irrational information since some people believe the reward will be handed out before their information is checked out. This is something that even the impressive attorneys on the site do not have an exact answer to.

The 57-year old woman has been missing since over twenty days now and her relatives and the Police are quickly losing hopes of finding her. The only real clues they have come across till date was when they found her car, empty and deserted, parked in the proximity of Carondelet Park and a bracelet that she used to wear.

It is common knowledge that McLaughlin’s former husband is one of the prime suspects in the case, there is no evidence pointing at him, but there exists unquestionable motive. McLaughlin was involved in a considerably hostile and on-going divorce battle when she suddenly went missing. The cops have subsequently searched a business that Linda and her husband ran and have also searched a farm house that the couple owned, they did not find her but they did find her bracelet at the farm house in Fenton.

According to her husband’s divorce attorney, John McLaughlin (the husband), has not hid anything from the police and has cooperated fully with the police investigation and is very troubled by the fact that his wife has been missing for close to a month now.

Unique divorce case involving frozen embryos

A St. Louis judge has ruled that two frozen embryos belonging to a now divorced couple will remain divorced for the time being in an unprecedented, one of a kind, legal divorce battle, as reported by

The embryos belong to a St. Louis couple that made four embryos before the husband was dispatched to serve for the army in the Afghanistan. Two of the four embryos are now already living children and the other two are frozen in a facility.

More than two children is expensive

According to the husband’s divorce attorney, his client does not want more children and instead wants to focus on raising the two children that he already has, but on the other hand, the wife wants more children. There is no state law which dictates how such a case should be handled and so the judges’ decision will be used as a reference point in other similar cases.

Supposedly, such embryos will stay viable for as long as twenty years.

Missouri divorce laws – the basic

According to St. Louis divorce attorneys, it is important for all residents of a state to make themselves familiar with some of the basic laws of that state. In this case, we shall take a brief look at some of the divorce laws in effect in Missouri.

To begin with, there exists certain filing requirements in Missouri, basically, a person will only be considered eligible for divorce in Missouri if they (or their spouse) have been living in the state for at least a minimum period of 90 days before filing for divorce.

Missouri recognizes fault and no fault divorces, therefore, to be issued a divorce certificate a couple can either mutually claim that they marriage has become irretrievably broken or will have to prove fault on the part of the spouse that they are filing for divorce from. Some grounds that are considered fault are as follows: adultery, abandonment, living separately for over a year, and incompatibility.