Social networking site Facebook now has the distinction of being a platform to serve divorce summons using the private message facility on the site. While Facebook has always been a poignant way for people to connect, it seems to have taken on the tag of helping people disconnect as well.

The elusive husband

Its new use as a ‘disconnect’ tool comes following a ruling by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper who granted permission to 26 year old Ellanora Baidoo to serve divorce summons via Facebook’s private messaging tool on her elusive husband Victor Sena Blood-Dzraku who hasn’t been traceable for a while.

According to the New York Daily News where the story was first reported, the couple was married in 2009 through a civil ceremony but soon drifted apart after Victor refused a traditional Ghanaian wedding. Ever since, he disappeared without a trace and left no forwarding address while he does not have a DMV record.

Frequent messages to be delivered

The only way Victor has kept in touch with his spouse is through Facebook, which is why Judge Cooper decided the site to be the right place to serve divorce summons on Victor. According to the ruling, the summons will be transmitted via Facebook’s private messaging once a week for three consecutive weeks or until Victor acknowledges it. Each message is to be accompanied by a call and text message from Ellanora Baidoo to the defendant informing him of the summons for divorce sent via Facebook.

Victor must not have used for his legal advice since his plan to run from a divorce has backfired and given him very little credibility.

The ruling comes after conditions fulfilled

Prior to Judge Cooper’s ruling, Baidoo was required to prove that the Facebook account was indeed that of her estranged husband and that he logged in frequently and was therefore likely to read the divorce summons. According to court documents, the couple never lived together while Baidoo’s divorce attorney reiterated that his client has not asked for money.

According to the attorney, she is interested in the divorce so that she can move on. The divorce attorney also claimed that he contacted the elusive Victor Blood-Drazku on Facebook on two occasions but hasn’t received any acknowledgement as yet. If the summons is refused, the judge can go ahead with a ‘divorce by default’ ruling.

Some Polk County couples take the DIY route in divorce proceedings

Some couples in Polk County have taken the DIY route to divorce. The County has experienced a 27% rise in the number of couples representing themselves in divorce proceedings. As many as 1,829 couples represented themselves as against 1,028 petitions filed by divorce attorneys on behalf of their clients in 2014.

According to family court manager for the 10th Judicial Circuit Andrea Small, the trend appears to be more enticing in cases where there are no children or property involved while the couples concerned seek an amicable settlement.  However, some couples look at the costs involved and in some cases make the wrong decision not to hire a divorce attorney and end up wrangling over sensitive issues such as parenting rights, child custody, and other important issues.