Salt Lake City, UT- If you’re like most of the planet, Facebook is a part of your daily life. It’s a great way to stay connected to with friends and family who live near and far. It’s also a great way to get back in touch with long lost friends and perhaps an old boyfriend or girlfriend. And therein lies the problem with the world’s most popular social networking site.

A new study conducted in the UK found that Facebook has become a factor in a third of divorce cases Lakes Legal, a law firm in Leeds, told Mirror UK. Turns out our need to air the triumphs and tribulations of our everyday lives can come back to haunt them. Lakes legal says that Facebook is cited so often in divorce cases because people use to hook up with old flames or initiate new relationships.

Also, the firm says that the footprints people leave behind on the internet give divorce attorneys valuable ammunition which can be used against them in their divorce proceedings.

Managing partner Lyn Ayrton told Mirror UK, “Social media provides an ongoing log of our lives. The sharing of written posts and pictures, often with geo-tagging, provides a record of activities that can be used in a court case.”

A spouse who might be hiding assets won’t hesitate to boast about the raise they just got or an exciting trip they are taking. A cheating spouse may deny infidelity, but will post pictures themselves with their new love interest online.

This study is just the latest to examine the role social media plays in divorce. A 2013 study, also conducted in the UK, found that couples who use multiple social media platforms to communicate with their spouse were not as happy with their marriages.

For that study, researchers from Oxford University monitored the social media habits of 3,500 couples, including their emails, text messages, Facebook accounts and communications through other platforms. Couples that communicated through five social media platforms reported a 14 percent decrease in marriage satisfaction.

One researcher concluded that trying to keep up with posts and maintain their social media presence causes married couples stress and disharmony. Social media may be a fun distraction from the everyday, but if you care about your spouse and want your marriage to last focus on talking to your spouse.

If your marriage is in trouble and you don’t think you can save it, you should consult with a divorce attorney as soon as possible. They can discuss the details of your case and prevent your from saying or posting anything on social media that could jeopardize your divorce settlement or child custody arrangements.

Should child custody become an issue, you need to have an attorney on your side. This is a heated issue that needs to be handled with finesse and skill. The best interest of the child or children should be utmost in a proceedings and a divorce attorney will make certain this happens.