With more and more divorces springing up with every passing day, divorce attorneys of repute are very much in business. However, that does not necessarily mean that this disturbing trend hasn’t triggered questions in their minds.

Being Selfish is a Marriage Killer

Lawyers dealing with divorce cases have revealed that it perhaps the growing obsession with independence that is leading even seasoned couples to seek divorces! The concept of living as a family unit where one always needs to adjust his or her needs and requirements keeping the other members in perspective is slowly dwindling. “Everyone simply wishes to live like no strings attached. It’s so much more fun that way!” claims a divorce attorney. However, this selfish way of life is slowly pushing relationships over the brink.

A Modern Day Trend

Sadly, the trend of divorces is not predominant in new or relatively fresh marriages alone. Couples who have been living together for a decade or even more, are now seeking divorce too! This current wave of living lives of one’s own terms has not left them untouched either.

The Erosion of a Marriage

As a result, even after very many years of marriage, they are opting for divorce probably in a bid to reclaim their lives! Divorce lawyers also feel that the modern day generation has also become needlessly money-minded. Of course there is plenty of speculation here; a century ago the power of a woman to divorce was not legal. And, the growing demands couples are placing on each other are also making it more and more difficult for marriages to work, in these volatile environments. Both men and women are keener to move ahead successfully in their own lives than build on commitments.

However, what’s most shocking is the effect these trends are having on children. Dealing with broken families isn’t easy and a more responsible and inclusive approach from parents is expected perhaps, claimed a divorce lawyer who has handled several cases of child custody. After all, life is all about building relationships and one must always remain committed to the ones that mean the most.