The ex-wife of Glen Rollins, the pest control heir, has sued her former lawyers, saying that they did not properly negotiate her settlement.

Danielle Rollins wants more millions

Danielle Rollins has claimed that the lawyers who handled her 2013 divorce did not negotiate a fair settlement on her behalf and she only received $15 million, from which she had to pay capital gains tax as well. But she is still a millionaire and she is still complaining? She also said that the settlement has forced her and the couple’s three children to move out of the family home in Boxwood. Wow, her Georgia divorce lawyers certainly messed up on that one!

When you are divorced are you not supposed to move out?

The suit filed by Danielle Rollins claims that the settlement did not take into account millions of dollars in Glen Rollin’s other accounts, his share of the family trust interests worth $1 billion, and so on. She also said as the settlement was not properly itemized and listed, she incurred significant legal fees. That is true, Georgia divorce attorneys do not work for free.

She claims that her then attorneys acceded to the terms made by Glen’s attorneys, in their hurry to collect their fees. Her current Georgia divorce lawyers point out that the settlement does not address all of the sources that could have been exploited. Well, time to go to court then!

Grandmother loses

In another case, the Georgia Supreme Court has ruled that a grandmother cannot have joint custody of her grandson along with her son in law. The case deals with Sandra Webb’s attempt to gain joint custody of her grandson. Her daughter, Anna, was married to David Stone, and a son was born to them. The couple and their son lived in Webb’s home for a time, before the Stone’s divorced.

Anna was given custody of the child and David moved to South Carolina and established a business there. The child and Anna continued to live with Webb. Webb was given temporary guardianship of the child at this point.

Later, Anna and David wanted to take back custody of their son and filed a petition to terminate Webb’s guardianship. She filed a complaint and sought custody of the child. During this time the child continued to live with Webb and attended school in her school district. Anna, then left the child with Webb and moved to South Carolina. The Stones remarried, and David filed for divorce. During custody rulings, the court ruled that Anna was unfit to be a guardian, but David was considered fit.

The grandmother wants to be a mother again

The judge tried to arrive at a compromise and said that David could be the primary guardian of the child but Webb could have visitation rights. However, David appealed this decision. However, the Supreme Court has reversed this decision and ruled that David will be the sole guardian of the child. His divorce attorneys worked hard to make his happen.

Who does the child want to live with?

Legal representation

When a marriage breaks down, it is essential to retain the services of an experienced divorce lawyer in Georgia who can represent your interests. This is essential to ensure all of your rights regarding the property, child custody, child support, and spousal support are protected. A Georgia divorce lawyer who can be seen on the majestic legal website should be willing to negotiate and obtain the maximum possible share of assets and represent your interests in child custody cases as well.