Former outstanding and fantastic football but average baseball player, and entertaining analyst for CBS Sports and the NFL Network, Deion Sanders Sr. recently parted ways with his wife Pilar Sanders. The couple’s divorce was concluded in June 2013 after several contentious court hearings and allegations through divorce attorneys from both sides.

As part of the agreement, Deion Sanders was granted full custody of the couple’s three children while Pilar was awarded visitation rights on Thursdays and the alternate weekends each month beginning with the first.

Ex-wife seeks revenge

On Nov. 24th this year, the former all-pro cornerback filed a defamation suit against his ex-wife, accusing her of tarnishing his image by posting false statements on social media websites. Pilar accused him of multiple crimes including spousal abuse, assault, attempted murder, and child abuse. She allegedly made an attempt to defame Deion on perhaps the best show on TV The O’Reilly Factor.

In his suit, the former Dallas Cowboys player sought damages of up to $1 million. Pilar is said to have gone a step further and posted links to audio recordings of conversations between her and two of their children, in which they verbally abused their father. The lawsuit also contains accusations that Pilar contacted her ex-husbands employers, sponsors, and friends and made false statements. Most people believe this is totally unprofessional and immature.

False accusations backfire

According to divorce attorneys, all this has backfired on Pilar Sanders who has now been found in contempt for failing to return her children after her visitation rights. District Judge Ray Wheless ordered a 30 day prison sentence which was then suspended and probated for one year. As part of the probation, Pilar will spend a week behind bars in a Collin County jail.

According to reports, she objected to the entire proceedings and appeared for the hearing with no attorney present. She also did not offer any witnesses and refused to question any witnesses called by her ex-husband’s attorneys. The hearing was held to rule on two motions related to the divorce decree and one involving the defamation suit filed by Deion Sanders.

Pilar Sanders make lone appearance in court

Judge Wheless granted temporary injunction in the defamation case ordered Pilar to remove any statement from social media that may damage her ex-husband’s image. Her trial is scheduled for March 2nd in the defamation case. She admitted to posting videos online but said she had not alleged abuse but spoken the truth. On the other hand, Deion Sanders testified that his ex-wife failed to return the children after her visitation rights expired on July 31st.

According to an officer from the Collin County constable’s office, he was forced to make three trips to recover the children after Sanders got a court order. In retaliation, Pilar filed a kidnapping complaint with Child Protective Services although nothing came of it because of the court order. Deion Sanders was exonerated by investigators of any allegations of abuse and neglect of the children. According to latest reports, following the sentencing after the contempt of court charge, Pilar Sanders was taken to the Collin County Detention Center in McKinney.