Donald Sterling, who previously owned the NBA team the Los Angeles Clippers, has filed for divorce from his long term wife Shelly Sterling through his divorce attorney. Donald and Shelly were married for almost 60 years, as reported by

An owner who made racist and bizarre comments

According to court documents, Donald has claimed that there are irreconcilable differences between the two, which has been cited as the reason for divorce. According to sources close to the couple, the friction was long overdue and it finally went beyond the threshold when Shelly refused to hand over Donald’s share of money from the sale of the basketball team to the ex CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer for $2 billion dollars. The couple is short of their 60th wedding anniversary by just three weeks.

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The Clippers are the team to see in LA now

This event and this mess occupied the country’s attention for a month or so in the summer of 2014. Even Los Angeles divorce attorneys were captivated by this drama.

Shelly has been considering divorce for the past 20 years

Shelly has spoken out about her relationship with Donald in an interview. She claims to have contemplated divorce for an unbelievable 20 years and very recently was finally about to go through with it when her financial advisor advised her not to at this point. Right after she refrained from filing for divorce herself, she was served with divorce papers by Donald’s Los Angeles divorce lawyer.

But there seems to be a discrepancy in Donald’s filing, and it has apparently been dismissed by the court. Evidently, he will need to refile his divorce papers.

Among the altercations between the two is the fact that Donald referred to Shelly as a pig during a probate hearing in L.A. Superior Court. Only about four months back, a family judge was informed by Shelly that Donald was having an extra martial affair with a woman listed in court documents as V. Stiviano. Consequently, the judge had ordered the mysterious mistress to return property and assets Donald had gifted her, which included a $1.8 million house, a Ferrari, and other luxuries.

California High Court clears confusion surrounding term “separated”

A California High Court has ruled that couples who claim to have been separated need to physically have been living separately at the time, according to The confusion arose in the case of one couple that in their filing claimed they were separated in 2006, but they were living together, still somehow alienated from each other. The wife in the case claimed the only reason they were under the same roof was for the sake of their kids.

As a result, she owes more to her husband in alimony, because according to state law, while a couple is living together, their earnings are considered community property which will be divided equally if and when they get divorced. This ruling will play an important role for similar cases in the future and will be a benchmark when it comes to the ambiguity surrounding what separated means. Los Angeles divorce lawyers are paying close attention to these new developments.

It is not known whether the wife in the case and her divorce attorney will appeal the verdict of the high court or not. Her lawyer did not comment.