An Ohio woman came up with a novel idea of holding an ‘ex husband’ sale and she needed no help from an Ohio divorce lawyer, a marketing ploy that truly gained attention. Linda Taylor, obviously upset with her ex-husband Dan Taylor’s behavior, made the most of the opportunity.

The lady posted ‘ex-husband for sale’ signs by the highway and also went ahead and used her creative juices in a Craigslist ad where she mentions that he was a fool that lied and cheated, and was therefore selling his power tools. Other stuff of her ex that was up for sale included golf clubs and a pool table, as reported by

Not a good husband

Linda claims that she did not want to keep anything that would only bring back bad memories after he cheated on her. Her son, JD, said it was about time, and was keen to help her with the sale. For Linda, the whole process was almost therapeutic.

Former Ohio lawyer charged with kidnapping and sexual battery; accused of hypnotism

Lawyers are known to master complex laws but a former Cleveland-area attorney allegedly went as far as mastering the art of hypnotism, as reported by Michael Fine, 58, was arrested and charged with 27 counts after he was accused of hypnotizing women for sexual pleasure. Charges included sexual battery, kidnapping, and gross sexual imposition. Fine has since been released on bond, as per police reports.

Investigations in incidents of sexual misconduct of the accused began last fall when two women told police that they believed they lost track of time and were unable to recall meetings with Fine, and were hypnotized. Police claim that Fine used explicit language in phone conversations which they later recorded. Robert Housel, Fine’s defense attorney, claims to be taken aback by some of the charges and said his client was undergoing medical treatment for some time.

Fine was recently stripped of his law license and is likely to be arraigned within a week. There is not any Ohio divorce attorneys or any attorneys for that matter who feel sorry for Fine. He tarnished the position.

Divorce attorney cum hypnotist

One of the women allegedly hired Fine as her divorce attorney in February 2013 to represent her in a custody dispute. She claims that the former attorney hypnotized her on several occasions on the phone, in person at his office, and at meetings at the Lorain County Justice Center. Her suspicions were confirmed after she recorded phone conversations with Fine in which he used sexually explicit language. The recordings were handed over to Sheffield Lake police.

How did that hypnotize you though?

According to the motion filed by the Lorain County Bar Association, the woman thought that law enforcement would not take her allegations seriously and therefore refrained from approaching them earlier. Fine was nailed when police officers had the woman wired during a meeting in his office last November. Investigators took the opportunity to enter the room when he began to discuss sex acts. Again, how does that hypnotize woman?

According to the second woman who hired Fine as her divorce attorney, he discussed relaxation and meditation techniques with her. She also claims that he tried to hypnotize her during the next three meetings. Fine also failed to file the paperwork pertaining to her case. OK, that is no good there!

You will not find this attorney on the marvelous website of The Ohio divorce lawyers on this website filed the paperwork on time and are not into playing games!