Los Angeles, CA- The divorce battle between Frank and Jaime McCourt seemed to be settled, but now that the Dodgers has been sold the former Mrs. McCourt wants more money and the couple is headed back to divorce court.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Jaime McCourt filed a motion to have the couple’s divorce settlement set aside, alleging that Mr. McCourt defrauded her by understating the value of the Dodgers.

Jaime McCourt’s divorce attorney, Bertram Fields said in a phone interview with the Times, “Mr. McCourt got about 93 percent of the family assets, and Mrs. McCourt got about 7 percent,” continuing, “We would’ve much preferred to have this massive imbalance resolved with some modification, but we got no response.”

The McCourt’s settled their divorce before the team was sold with Mrs. McCourt receiving $131 million, but after the debts from bankruptcy were settled Mr. McCourt made $1.7 billion, well over 10 times what he initially estimated.

In addition to the $130 million settlement, Mrs. McCourt also kept 4 of the couple’s 6 homes; however California courts often divide assets evenly between the divorcing couple, so now the couple will have to re-litigate their settlement. After 30 years of marriage, Mrs. McCourt may be eligible for a larger settlement.

It is likely that Mr. McCourt had no idea that the Dodgers would have sold for $2.5 billion and did not intentionally try to defraud Mrs. McCourt.