Hole ripped in a dollar bill with Divorce text

Hole ripped in a dollar bill with Divorce text

Ft. Lauderdale, FL- It’s been three years since divorcing his second wife Michelle Ghent and getting dragged through the mud. Now actor Terrence Howard can move on after a judge overturned his divorce settlement with Ghent, finding that she coerced Howard into signing their divorce agreement.

In his decision Judge Thomas Trent Lewis said “evidence of extortion or duress was unrebutted” and overturned Howard’s costly divorce judgment. The judge found there was little doubt that Ghent used threats to obtain a generous divorce settlement from Howard, according to Billboard.

The ruling allows Howard and Ghent to renegotiate their divorce settlement and prevents Ghent from capitalizing on the success of her ex-husband’s wildly popular show “Empire.” Howard and Ghent landed in court again recently after there was a dispute over where to send Howard’s paycheck for the show.

In court, Howard’s divorce lawyer was able to show that Ghent used intimate photos of her estranged husband to extort the divorce settlement she wanted out him. Howard’s legal team was able to provide eyewitnesses accounts and secret audio recordings of Ghent’s threats and extortion. Because of those threats she got far more than she deserved for their meager year of marriage.

Changing a Florida divorce settlement is not impossible to do but it is a very difficult thing to accomplish. A judge is unlikely to make changes to your divorce settlement unless there was some sort of misconduct, deception or extortion going on when the settlement was negotiated. Simply being displeased by a child custody agreement or a financial aspect is not enough to have a divorce settlement overturned. The person requesting the change will have numerous hurdles to overcome if they want any chance of success and have a high burden of proof to meet.

The most assured way to successfully change a divorce settlement after the fact is to retain a divorce lawyer. They understand how to conduct an investigation when necessary, and will use their skills to prove your claims. Whether you need to change the financial aspects of your divorce or change child custody arrangements, you’ll have a greater chance of success when have expert legal assistance.

Divorce is draining and emotionally wrought even when there is no animosity or greed involved. That’s why it is best for all parties involved to get the opinion of a divorce lawyer in Florida. Their goal will be to ensure that you get a divorce settlement and child custody arrangement that is fair and acceptable. Your legal counsel will protect your best interests and work to ensure you can live with the outcome of your divorce. They won’t allow you to settle for less than you deserve out of your divorce.

Allow USAttorneys to connect you with a divorce lawyer near your Florida location, so that you can get the advice you need and avoid any missteps that can affect your case. If divorce is in your future get the legal help you need.