Several Ohio law enforcement agencies are among the first in the state to use a screening system for domestic violence according to a Toldeo News Now report. The system will entail an assessment by officers on whether there is any imminent danger of physical harm or death in the case of victims of domestic violence. Officers concerned who identify any risk must offer such victims the opportunity to speak with a counselor from a domestic violence shelter in the Columbus area.

A proven tool to eliminate risk

The program, known as the Lethality Assessment Program, as per Rick Ketcham of Columbus police, is an excellent tool to help law enforcement identify victims at the risk of being killed in a domestic violence dispute. In addition, many Columbus OH divorce attorneys are also of the opinion that such a program will not only help individuals in danger of being killed but their case in a divorce petition.

As many as 19 departments in Franklin County have signed up for the program and include the sheriff’s office, and Columbus police. According to the executive director of a Franklin County shelter for domestic violence, CHOICES, Sue Villilo, it is essential to connect victims with the services so that they receive instant help.

Collaborative Family Law Act – making the divorce process easier

At the end of last year, the Ohio Senate passed the Collaborative Family Law Act unanimously by a 87-2 vote to expedite divorce proceedings, make the process more affordable and easier on the couple and children involved, if any, as reported by

According to Columbus OH divorce attorneys, the bill permits couples to iron out a divorce more openly through voluntary meetings that involves both parties, their divorce attorneys, and any other professionals that they may choose to have present, such as an accountant or child psychologist, to name a few. Only if no agreement can be reached would the case go to trial court.

The collaborative process

Columbus OH divorce attorneys say it is important for Ohio couples to understand the process of collaborative divorce. To begin with, both spouses are able to have an equal say and control over decision making, timing, and the costs involved. Both parties must enter into an agreement to participate in the collaborative divorce process and voluntarily share all the information required. This includes financial details as well. Meetings take place to negotiate a settlement, which are attended by both spouses and their divorce attorneys and any other professionals that may be required.

The benefits of a non-adversarial process

According to Columbus divorce attorneys, the objective is to provide both spouses and their attorneys a structured, non-conflict process to address every issue related in terminating the marriage. It is one of the most effective processes in divorce cases since there is no major conflict involved. Both parties can participate in a dignified and respectful manner where attorneys on both sides strive to maintain an amicable atmosphere.

Most importantly, it eliminates the litigation process and any stress and anxiety involved. Either party may quit the process but will have to hire new attorneys which can be found on the sterling website that is turning digital and real heads every day: However, in a collaborative divorce process, settlements tend to be reached due to the non-adversarial atmosphere, which makes the entire proceedings more streamlined and minus the pressure of litigation where both parties are free to move on in life.