Denver, CO— If an individual is wanting to file for divorce in Colorado, they do not need to provide the court with a reason. This is because Colorado is considered a no-fault divorce state. A no-fault divorce state is one that allows couples to dissolve their marriage without having to show that one party’s behavior or actions caused the divorce.

So, how does a person start the divorce process in Denver, CO?

If an individual wants to start the divorce process, they will need to confirm that they have resided within the State of Colorado for at least 91 days prior to filing. In the event the person filing for divorce has lived in the state less than 91 days, then their spouse must meet the residency requirement if they’d like to begin the divorce process immediately.

In the event both parties in a marriage do not meet the residency requirement, the party looking to file will need to wait until one person does.


Locating the Court


Each county has a district court that is responsible for handling divorce cases. If an individual lives in Denver, they will need to file for divorce at the 2nd Judicial District Court in Denver County. In the event a person lives outside of Denver County, they can click here to access a list of all the counties located in Colorado and find the district court where they will need to file.

Once an individual has determined which court they will be filing with, they will then need to decide if they will be filing together with their spouse or if they are going to be filing separately. To file for divorce in Denver separately, an individual will need to follow these steps1:

  • Download all the required forms and fill them out.
  • Ensure the verification section of the petition is completed.
  • Take all the forms to the local district court. The clerk will take the forms and file them. The party filing the divorce petition will be expected to pay the filing fee at the time they deliver their forms to the clerk.
  • The clerk should provide the filer with a Case Management Order.
  • Make arrangements to serve the other party. If an individual decides to file for divorce themselves and without the help of a Denver, CO divorce lawyer, they will be responsible for getting the forms served on their spouse.
  • Attend the Initial Status Conference.

If an individual isn’t sure which forms they need to file to initiate the divorce process or their case is a bit more complicated as there are children involved, they can always contact Anderson Barkley Law for legal guidance and help. The Denver, CO divorce attorneys at Anderson Barkley Law can help an individual understand the divorce process and the potential outcomes, and even get it started for them.

If an individual who is looking to file for divorce in Denver has questions they’d like answered by a qualified divorce lawyer, they can contact Anderson Barkley Law at (720) 506-1764.


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